Mulitport audio input and output

Hi team!

I am considering buying a UMC1820 and connecting to Zynthian. With the (technology preview) zynmixer this could provide 8 mic / line input mixer. (More inputs can be added via ADAT, e.g. ADA8200.) It has a lot of outputs too which could be useful! Apparently it works with the Linux kernel with all inputs and outputs. Has anyone tried this?

They are currently £179 from thomann which seems pretty good. I imagine I would bolt it in my home studio rack and it could be used with Ardour or Zynthian as required and it could also go in a gig bag and be used as a mixer for the band when connected to Zynthian.

I think I will order one anyway but if you tell me it is a bad idea I may not!


I think you will be sailing a bold ship into the future with that one, it would be fantastic.

I’m off to demo a few zynths to a friend in a studio tomorrow and I was thinking of the feature I would feel worst about saying it doesn’t have, and I decided multiple inputs and outputs.

Go for it, it’s probably about the same price as kitchen knick-knack and you will still have it in twenty years time. . .

I have ordered one - should be here within next couple of days. My trip to Ikea yesterday to replace a water damaged sink unit was enough to dampen my kitchen building spirit for a while.

Ooh! I am excited about this (not Ikea) :smile:

of course we have to have the obligatory picture…

dammit I haven’t put a screen grabber onto the Pi4 … :–D

@wyleu To make the picture show up, you need to format like so:


Woah, what a beast!

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