Multi touch support for Zynthian UI?

Hello there from the cold German summer .

Ive been playing with a custom Zynthian setup and Im just starting to appreciate the magnitude and beauty of it .

One question I have right away that could not find on the github issues or docs is about touchscreen displays.

Is anybody familiar with this topic in Zynthian itself ? I assume I would need to look at the frame buffer and general overview of the Zynthian UI arh but would be lovely if some of you faced that need and solved it already .

Hope to hear from you !

The touchsceen interface is single touch, which allows mouse implementation as a bonus, which I among others tend to use.

Multi touch would obviously provide extra functionality but since there are 3" screens out there on early zynthian kits, multitouch is only really relevant on larger screens, and a LOT of discussion would need to ensue to define precisely what we as a community and the offical zynth might support.

IT has been discussed but the general conclusion it’s somewhere near the back of a very long list… :slight_smile:

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Makes sense ! I can go perfectly good without and just midi mapping makes it indeed .

Now if only there was a way to reward the community in such a situation . . . :face_with_monocle:

I am honour bound to provide an explanation of this rather cryptic response by suggesting you press on the icon for full story . . .

Also there’s programming the zynseq. A resistive screen with a stylus makes touch interactions much more accurate.

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Sorry , Im making my best effort to understand what you both write but Im failing to do so

Don’t worry, Ignore my post.

AFAIK wyleu is pointing to the (his? :wink:) mission to remind people who have a zynth to actually put it to good use to have something to record and share this recording with the community.
As the quest for asking for this is as old as the zynth itself(?) the :face_with_monocle:-smile is now the shortcut for ‘please give the community some music/sound snippets for answering your questions’ :grin:

Baggypants has a good point about the stylus on a small resisive screen, it’s more precise than a finger covering a big part of the screen. Especially when using the sequencer.

Multitouch could be nice when implemented, but I would prefer at least a 7" display for this.
Maybe the official raspberry pi display could be a starting point, although I think there a way better displays available.


Thansk @STM , now Its a bit more clear . I Understood the technical answer, just I had a hard time reading Talk:Zynthian Wiki Home - ZynthianWiki
It has some interesting cryptic use of the language and some added spices that remain a mystery to me.
But yes , It will be better to use it as intended , interfacing with potentiometers seems indeed the best .

Rotary push encoders all the way :wink:

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