Multiple zynthians A modest proposal


Well watching how we all agreed multiple zynths is a good thing I think we might have to look at how to control them.
A ‘device’ that can operate with a zynthian encoders and display up front, without audio means we can address a pool of zynthians that possibly don’t need displays and encoders just audio outs.
We get rid of a load of Midi infrastructure and switching with just the display zynth concentrating on doing encoding display and MIDI’ing and just shouting MIDI or OSC to the other boxes.

We talked about a zynth screen that operated as master volume controls. That would seem to be the sort of screen you would run in default on the Controller display zynth.
3 zynth volume controls, one master volume control, and a push to put you into the control screen for one of the three zynth’s.
You’d need a grip of death of some sort to get you back to this home screen . . .