Multitimbre setup question (solved)


I tried to do this but somehow couldnt figure out a way:
I have Zynthian running latest SD img on rpi4b, plus connected midi-keyboard which works fine.
Now midi keyboard uses midi channel 1.

I can add layer and set up an engine like obxd on midi channel 1 just fine.
Now I see Transpose and Layer split and i wonder if i can add another engine on another layer also using midi channel 1, so i can either stack sounds or use split keyboard to play e.g. bass sound at lower part and string on higher part ?

Any tip or explanation how many parts i could stack would be great.

Zynthian assigns a unique MIDI channel to each layer but does allow you to clone MIDI messages between layers. See the user guide section on Layers.

That works really nice, thanks for the tip.

If someone else wonders what I did:
I created a synth layer with a midi channel that my keyboard could interact with (channel 1).
Then long-clicked on that layer and selected Clone Midi, so any notes received from that layer are also send to other midi channels that I select. Then after I added more instruments on layers corresponding to those midi channels, they all played sound simultaneously. :slightly_smiling_face:

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