"Music is the best"

I had no idea!


Unknown pleasures" is 42 years old !

And I love Joy Division since 1984 :heart:

The emblematic album cover is till inspiring today (article):

And has an original scientific origin:

One of my favorite, with a little synthetic sounds and the 40th anniversary video is quiet good. (next one, Shadowplay is good too, but that’s easy :face_with_hand_over_mouth: )


A terrifying confirmation of the dangers of Interior decorating. . .

I actually own a pair of ‘joy division’ oven gloves…

As referenced in this amazing song :-


Something relaxing for a quiet sunday :grin:

Turn-up the wheel !!



Plagiat, c’est la troisième voie de garage du rap game.

Firstly really “bizarre”:

It’s a 13min clip, so take your time :innocent:

spoiler: my favorite is at 10:30

Secondly open source

Music and vids are made with FOSS

They also develop Openstage Control, an awesome toolkit for OSC/midi control interface building.

A demo app made with OpenStageControl for controlling ardour mixer stage:

or a midi sequencer: seq192

MIDI sequencer based on seq24 with less features and more swag.

Less features

No song editor
No keyboard controls
No midi controls
Linux only

More swag

Interface rewritten with GTK3
OSC controls
almost 192 patterns per set

and 4/5/6th … a midi looper: loop192

Minimal MIDI live looper that works like sooperlooper but with MIDI instead of audio.

They are from Caen, France.

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These french guys really create very interesting stuff! I was aware of seq192, but looper192 is just what we need for converting zynthian in a “Jamming Beast”, including sooperlooper too.

I dream, from time ago. having a MIDI looper on zynthian. And both, loop192 & sooperlooper, have similar OSC interface, perfect for integrating on zynthian. I envision a common UI for managing loops, both MIDI & audio. We have the bricks and we will put the mortar! Yessss! But first, we have to refactorize (or probably rewrite!!) the “zynthian core”, so we have a proper API and UI is separated from the core. Be patient!! Anyway, if some brave coder want to integrate these 2 jewels right now, he will deserve the highest honour and biggest love!! :heart_eyes:


Hi @jofemodo,
yes looper192 is very nice, but that have not implemented control by midi as have sooperlooper now.
I instaled looper192 on my raspberry pi with PatchBox Os and I will be test this in next days. Very sympathic is no complicated settings of midi in and midi out. Only midi ports which user can connect where want.


We can add this with the zynthian’s MIDI-learn capabilities, specially after we extend it for learning more types of events, what is planned for the near future.

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Love this tune…


I tried open stagecontrol on my zynthian and its, in IMHO, a way better tool than lemur, touchosc and the likes. The fact that the server is all you need running and you just connect to a webui makes setuo super simple, and the ui design options are really good, and way less cumbersome to set up than touchosc.

It also supports a TON of customization options from icons to even scripting

Oh, also, with one client I couldn’t measure any significant overhead on the pi

I have to give it a go making a recipe for zynthian (or adding a menu option for it) as it being free as in freedom and beer makes it even a better fit for our ecosystem!


“la fée électricité”

Rip Ronnie Spector.


The Fugs Dover Beach

C - Bass

C -C # Drone
except for Dm (xxx765) C (xxx554) Gmaj7 (xx543x)

O- u - r love let u - s be true
Let us be true to one an—other.

The world thats seems to lie before us, like a land of dreams
So various so beautiful so new.

Hath real- ly neither joy nor love
Not sertitude nor peace nor help for pain

The world that seems to lie before us like a land of dreams
So various so beautiful so new

Hath real- ly neither joy nor love
Nor surtitude nor peace nor help for pain.

And we are are here as on as on the darkening plain
where ignorant armies clash by night

We are are here as on as on the darkening plain
where ignorant armies clash by night

Let us be true to one an—other.
Let us be true to one an—other.
Let us be true, let us be true
Let us be true to one an—other.


This crazy guy I :heart::heart::heart:

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Love it too, so cool

Some old electro:

One if my favorite band.
And they are on the road again:


(Yes, I know, wrong album, but I can’t hold it back)
Im rhythmus bleiben, im rhythmus bleiben :slightly_smiling_face: :metal:

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Oh my god! I was kind of a Front242-Fan when I was young and saw them live playing in Bonn, Germany about 30 years ago. I think this genre is called industrial EBM (Electric Body Music).

A very famous kind of similar band is “Frontline Assembly” which I also loved very much long time ago. Their album “Tactical Neural Implant” seems to be one of the best ever made in this genre.

Today I am not able to enjoy this kind of music anymore, sorry.

That’s a weird coincidence, did you see that the first video was recorded on 13.03.1989 in Bonn? Were you at exactly this concert? :grinning:

So, what’s on your playlist today?