My first multi-timbral 🧐

I am mesmerized by the performance of the Zynthian…
In this song (Lazzari felici Pino Daniele) I used:
Pianoteq 8
Sfizz steel guitar
DX7 E.Piano
and apart from an Trilian bass and the MiniMoog for the pad.
GREAT Zynthian


Very nice @Lanfranco !

How many parts where running at the same time? Is the (volume) mix also completely “live”?

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Many thanks,
I recorded track by track and then played it all together. No clicks and no problem. I am very satisfied. Also because the amount of notes and controls (sustain pedal) is high.

I’m recording (my honour) an album, One Man Band of my favorite Pino Daniele songs… and I’m learning more now than in years past. Some musicians are a great school for people like me who can’t afford to play Chopin (unfortunately)…

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Bravo @Lanfranco

on an external DAW I imagine ?

I understand: Zynthian was playing all the Midi tracks together ?

Result is really good.
I think, next step will be to sing on the track :partying_face: and make Zynthian the best Karaoke toy !


Yes, on MixBus 32 C. Many thanks