My new controllers for MIDI-CC

… I think I will take one for Filter-CutOff and one for Resonance


I would take 2 for my gig-zynthian, thanks …

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Ok, shipping is about 50€…

What are these ?

Potentiometers. High power.

And cut off and résonance need those enormous (and I guess, enormously expensive) potentuometers ??
Omg… they are, at least, 40DD…

Course if you had 16 of them you could make a fairly portable analogue sequencer. If you happened yo have a handy truck.

And do they have an rgb ledded version…?


Eh eh…

Is this one big enough?

It’s ok, but I should better use this one - just to be sure if I want 32 steps…

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Does it go up to 11?

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