My pocket Zynthian :)

Hi ! I finally finished my first Zynthian. It looks fantastic, and it works great !
I made it for my midi accordion, I created custom sf2 bank with accordion samples, it’s small but strong :star_struck: ( 13/6 cm ) I also added a volume potentiometer 10K, connected in parallel with the headphone output.Thank you all …

Thank you all for being a part of my life … I am very happy



really cool !

so, there’s only 2 encoders + 1 pot ?

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Yes ! I have activated on screen button. I reprogramed switches to do what I need .
It’s something from the future…from another world.AMAZING !!!

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that’s excellent !

If ever you can find some time to explain what you have “really” done to achieve your custom Zynthian box (hardware wiring, software hack, your soundfont …), I think most of us will be really thankfull.