My school music class setup

Hi everyone!

I’d like to share my music class setup. I’ve been experiencing with different instruments and setups and this last one is convincing me. It consists of two handmade electronic xylophones powered y Zynthian :love_you_gesture:, an esp32 based drum kit (based on the guitar hero one :smile: and powered by Marcel Licence’s drum computer) and my favourite one, the touch pad grid with minidexed as the synth.


Impressive work !
Love it !

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Really amazing!! Congratulations Pablo! Eres un crack!

Un abrazo!

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I am sure the kids love it! Great way to spark interest in making music. At my school time back in the 80s I was only allowed playing with boring triangle and tambourine :laughing:

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Thank you! Someday I hope to share valuable projects like you guys are doing here.

That was my initial idea, and most of the times children enjoy them a lot. I still miss some sort of music workbench (that’s where Zynthian would shine imo), with electronic and acoustic instruments for small groups of children. Also, something like Paul Stoffregen’s Monolith would be cool. But the budget and logistics are the main constraints.

The Alesis Trigger IO is a handy device for interfacing hitable things into sane MIDI…

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