nanoKONTROL Configuration Software


I have built a GUI software application to edit the configuration in the Korg nanoKONTROL 1 & 2. This is an open source, cross platform application written in Python using the tkinter graphical toolkit. It works with ALSA and / or JACK MIDI. @wyleu has performed some initial testing with a nanoKONTROL2. I would be interested in any feedback (maybe via GitHub issues), especially if you have an original nanoKONTROL which it has not yet been tested with.

I do not have this device so have been coding in the dark to some degree.

You can find it on GitHub. The README should describe all you need to know so please do let me know if it isn’t clear.

This should provide similar functionality as the Windows / MacOS application that Korg provide. I have not seen that application so don’t know how similar it is to my interpretation.



yes indeed…

All the joys of criticizing with none of the responsibilities of coding!!!

When combined with this tool and the MIDI learn facilities in the audio mixer in the testing branch

you can turn the momentary switches of the nanoKONTROL2’s default setup into TToggle buttons that all work exactly as you would expect…


Thanks, this looks impressive! I have a few questions/suggestions, mainly relating to visual feedback in the GUI, but I’ll put that on github.

Have you tried running it through wine to compare?

I can’t be bothered! I’ve got a Windows machine I could fire up if I want but this was just a small distraction and favour for a friend. I hope it is mostly done.

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I will test it in the original nanokontrol when I get back home (in about a month)

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ha, fair enough! I’ve provided a few screenshots below.

I think the main thing for me is know, via the nanokontrol illustration, which button I have selected. It’s hard to tell when they’re all highlighted in red.

Yep! Fair point and one I would have done already if it didn’t have it’s particular challenges :blush:. The display is a PNG with touch hotspots so I will have to add some graphical overlay. Something for a spare few hours… who has those?

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Try now - I have added an indication on the currently selected control. Remember also that the selected control name is indicated at the top of the parameter editor.

Ho ! Glad to find this thread ! I was looking for an open source app for for months !
Even started to reverse engineer/understand the sysex format to write something on my own (but prefered build a zynth instead :D)

I will try it out !
Thanks !