Navigate through chains/snapshots using usb foot switch

Hi zynthianers, I plan to use my V4 as guitar efects and I wonder if I can select sequentialy the efect chains using a usb foot switch. This is, I guess, the easiest way to get it done…but any other way to achive this will be welcome.

There has been a lot of discussion recently on footswitch control of various aspects of zynthian. There are different user stories which include:

  • Stompbox - press a pedal to toggle an individual effect on/off - this is partially achievable natively but suboptimal but can be done with a MOD-UI chain
  • Program change - press a pedal to select a preset configuration for all plugins - this is supported if the pedal sends program change
  • Program change - press a pedal to advance up/down through a list of preset configurations of all plugins - this is supported if the pedal sends program change up/down
  • Control of looper (see other thread where this is discussed in detail)

Of course there are lots of workflows. These are just a few examples. How each might be implemented also depends on the type of controller (foot pedal) you are using. The controller may send momentary of toggle messages. It may send program change or CC or note commands. It may be MIDI or HID.

Do you already have a foot pedal? If so, what is it?

Do you have one or more workflows you wish to use?

Thanks @riban and sorry for my late response but I was out for some days.
Finaly I got a triple usb programmable foot switch. My goal is to have several audio effects chains for my guitar and have the ability to select and activate one of them using the foot switch to match the sound I need for diferents songs. I think it could also be done creating differents snapshots and loading the needed one.
Thanks for your help.

What messages does the foot switch send?

I ordered the foot switch from Aliexpress and it is still on its way. Below are its features. I need it for other purposes but then I thought I coul also use with my V4 box emulating a keyboard.

Can be customized as shortcut key, multi-media key, etc, to achieve mouse function, keyboard function, game function, string function and multimedia function.
The mechanical switch is triggered by micro switch, there is a distinct sense of paragraph when stepping, crisp sound.
Simple polka dot pattern not only gives product an exquisite appearance, but also increases the friction between the product and user, making it more stable.
The bottom is equipped with non-slip pads, no need to worry about the sliding of the switch caused by slightly larger tread force.
This product provides key definition setting software based on Windows system, which can be used in various systems after setting.(If your computer system is Unux or MAC, you need to modify the key definition in Windows, then plug the switch into the Linux or Mac)
Wide application, you can use it when playing gaming, working, controlling machine, testing machine, testing piano keyboard, and quickly storing images.

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It sounds like a HID USB device, i.e. it will emulate a normal computer keyboard. @wyleu has used this to drive Zynthian. You can bind keyboard keys to Zynthian actions using webconf. It sounds like you would like to bind each key to recalling a ZS3. I am not near a Zynthian right now but I would have thought this was possible . (And if not we should add it!)

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Inspiring from this thread:
I have a Bluetooth-Pedal (“PageFlip”) for scorepage-turnings. Can I use it as an input device? How to set up a Bluetooth connection? The terminal gives me:

Bluetooth is partially working. Recent changes (specifically the move to 64-bit Debian 12 Bookworm) has broken some of it so we need to fix that, after which I will add info to the wiki on its use. The current implementation only supports BLE MIDI devices but I can see that support for other devices (like the HID type you describe) may be advantageous.

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Thanks. As soon it arrives I Will give a try your advices. And Will also check how easy It IS to deal this way with superlooper.

Well, after reading different threads about controling Zynthian with a footswitch pedal board, it seems to me that building and programing my own Arduino midi (or USB HID) thing is the way to go for this. Just a couple of switches to wire and some not so advanced Arduino like code to write to match the right message.

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I can recommend OpenDeck GitHub - shanteacontrols/OpenDeck: Software and hardware platform for simpler building of MIDI controllers.
I set up mine with Raspberry Pi Pico
10 switches and an expression pedal, with midi over USB and 5 pin din out

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