Need help with custom build, want to make sure Im doing this right

I already have a Pi3 and a 5 inch Adafruit HDMI touchscreen backpack I want to use in the build. I have Zynthian installed and working, however I would like to add the control knobs (as I have no way of implementing global MIDI control whcih would work on the specific screen I am in), as well as a dedicated sound card (currently using an iConnectAUDIO4+ for testing).

I have in my cart as of now:
Controllers Set v3 & v4
Zynaptik Module
[Zynaptik Expander Kit ] - I want to add CV in/out with this

and on HiFiBerry webpage:
HiFiBerry DAC+ ADC

Is this what I need to get up and running (going to 3d Print case) or am I doing this all wrong?

Hi @graciousgrendel, welcome.
this is okay.
You may add 4 momentary push buttons if you need the extra S1, S2, S3, S4 switches.
Note that Zynthian support quiet all the soundcards on the market.

I don’t understand what you mean:

Okay awesome, thank you. In the meantime…

I was trying to say/ask if there was a way to use MIDI rotary encoders in place of the standard encoders (they would offer control on all screens and not be locked to a parameter) :slight_smile:

The trouble with general midi controllers is they can do the encoder left and right. What you lack is the on/off push switch mechanism which makes for a less than matching user experience.

I understand :slight_smile: I have a midi fighter twister giving me the capability to have the encoders and push buttons, but I was unsure if it could be implemented to function that way, and if so how to set it up.

=> I don’t think controling zynthian ui with some midi device’s Rotary encoder is doable.