Need help with integrating my puredata patch

Hi all,
I posted about this in the puredata-thread but figured I’d easier get help if I make a seperate thread.
So I tried loading my pd-patch into zynthian. I figured already it wouldn’t be easy because it uses two external libraries.
Anyway after some attempts, e.g. finding the right folder it needs to go into, installing external libraries to puredata on zynthian it did work. Then, after editing my patch a bit and uploading again it stopped working - not a single sound, although it does show up correctly. I still can’t figure out why. Tried reversing every change without avail.
To quote myself from the other thread

The patch still works fine on my computer. If I get a GUI of the zynth-pd through putty it starts working again. But only if I add another layer from non-pd like Zynaddsubfx.

This last circumstance makes it rather strange.

I really hope someone can help me, here is the folder (8.4 KB) .

In order to run it either on your computer or on zynthian you need to install the libraries “creb” and “cyclone”.

  • On zynthian-pd you first need to install deken to install the rest. Further you need to add the two libraries as startup parameters and the tanh~ object needs explicit mentioning like this “cyclone/tanh~”.

Another thing I did was first put the folder into “data…/…presets” instead of “mydata…/…presets”. Later already after it stopped working deleted it again. Don’t know if that makes a difference.

I tried it out with similar results, working on pc but no sound on zynthian. The midi controls are responding, but no sound yet. I’ll try to diagnose and let you know if I have any luck.

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Have you updated your zynthian software? I made some changes for solving this problem …

Yes a few days ago after you mentioned having made changes. In fact I tried to do an upgrade again fearing Pd or me might have overwritten something. It completed with a bunch of errors. I don’t know however where I can find a log for those.

I made some progress today but it’s getting late so I hope to find time tomorrow to finish testing and give full details. One problem I found is midi data is going to zynthian but no midi data connecting to pure data. I’m using usb midi.It works when using X11 if you unplug and reconnect usb midi after the patch launches. I deleted several objects and got it to work without using X11. It has audio i/o errors when using poly 4, I changed the object to poly 2 and it sounds much better. It may be pushing the Rpi processor beyond it’s limits, but hopefully it’s something in the patch that needs adjusting. Most of the midi cc messages need to be scaled down to work properly. The volume is extreamly loud, but thats an easy fix.

Hey Ronsum, thanks for helping out with this. I’m also hoping to find time for investigating more. Oddly enough it seemed to work pretty fine at first try using 4-note polyphony.
I’d wish there was something like a “load-meter” or cpu display that would give more transparency on this. Maybe something for the future @jofemodo ? :wink:

Log into Zynthian->Interface->UI Options-> Meter and change it to CPU.

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Okay I got it working but I’m not sure how. I’ll reply with a copy once I figure it out. It doesn’t overload the CPU and no more audio i/o errors with poly 4. You can view the CPU load as BrainStormer suggested. If your using the PD GUI, there is also a load meter listed under the Media menu.

Yeah realized that the same evening, thanks!

Awesome man, glad that there people out there willing to help :slight_smile:

It still needs some work, but try this out on the zynthian and let me know how it goes. I found the original file on the web,added ctlin objects, edited the yml file and a few other edits (8.4 KB)

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Hey Ronsum, pardon the ridiculous late reply. I was coming back from being abroad for a longer while and didn’t have time to get back into Zynthian projects. The patch works great!

Part of it was about being able to send out values to my windows machine using netsend. Which actually worked great at first try but something in the patch seemed to have broken it. Guess there are still some mysterious limitations to pd on a pi/zynthian that we’ll have to figure out in the future.

Again awesome and thanks for the work!

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Glad I could help out.