Netvsthost, ShowMIDI and ShowMIDI_CC

Hello fellow zynthianers,

First let me point you to some resources:
Shane Dunne and Hermann Seib are the guys behind the netvst project, which can be used on windows, mac and linux.

Shane Dunne also created some nice JUCE MIDI keyboard and CC manipulation tools, namely ShowMIDI and ShowMIDI_CC.

I’m just brainstorming here and I’m not a programmer, but let me lead you to some random thoughts (why this thread might fit the software development category also:

Some USB MIDI keyboards don’t have a bunch of controllers to control CC parameters, but Shane Dunne managed to write and draw a nice plugin representation of a customizable MIDI keyboard with CCs.

I would ask you if the CC part could be integrated into the zynthian GUI to show parameter values in the top bar.

I like the simple idea of graphically mapping CCs and 4 (multi purpose) controllers from the web configuration menu that control more than one parameter in a layer (imagine the amount of delay decreasing while reverb increasing) with just one controller (which can be done via MIDI learn right now, I know).

I could imagine the representation of the MIDI plugin webconf page could benefit from a (not so cryptic) user interface, but I don’t know how much processing power would be necessary to implement ShowMIDI code (or even the keyboard) into the web page…

Regarding OSC or netvst: Imagine a zynthian with its small form factor and some attached usb controller controls some remote netvst plugins via osc that require real processing power…

As I said, just some random thoughts in the end…

Greetings and God bless, Marius

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