New Aluminum Case 2.1: MIDI IN/THRU/OUT + MIDI activity LEDS


Hi @zynthianers!

The first batch of aluminum cases for the kits v2 is sold out and a new one is ready. I called this case “v2.1” :wink:

I’m really satisfied because an increasing number of people is getting aware of zynthian project and some of them are ordering the “official” kit. This is great because i can put all my energy on zynthian project… nice!! Now i need to improve my “production-engineering” skills for not spending too much time making and sending kits … don’t forget that what i really like is programming and jamming :blush:


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Where are the activity leds located.?


In the back side. Look at the photo :wink:


You’ve not used my phone have you…? :star_struck:


It would be good in future cases to add a hole for the optional 3.5mm jack that can be added to the HiFiBerry DAC+. It would be really nice to have the option of a headphone/aux out. As it is, I will probably drill a hole in mine for this reason.


The hifiberry has not headphones amplifier, so the signal is very weak. You could connect a small headphone and you will listen the audio output, but the volume will be quite low. Anyway, try it.

Also, you could add a small headphones amplifier and will get a decent headphones output. Take a look to this post:

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Good idea. I think I have one of those amp boards lying around somewhere anyway. I will crack out the drill this weekend, If I can get the base zynthian working first :slight_smile:


I still think that using that jack socket as an line-out option would be useful though. Sometimes an aux line is more useful than RCA.