New Apps menu + Auto-EQ app

Hi @zynthianers!

I decided to add a new menu to our beloved zynthian UI, the App menu. Currently it includes the next Apps:

  • Audio Recorder
  • MIDI Recorder
  • ALSA Mixer
  • Auto-EQ (partially implemented, currently only a spectrum viewer)

I also removed both recorders from Admin menu and the MIXER from the layer list.

For accessing the Apps menu you have 2 options:

  • From Layers/Admin, short click on learn/snapshot switch (top-right switch, aka CTRL-3)
  • From Any Place: long click on learn/snapshot switch (top-right switch, aka CTRL-3)

Regarding the Auto-EQ app, it’s not finished, but you can use it as a Spectrum Viewer by simply adding a “1/3 Octave Spectrum Display Mono” in your FX-chain.



BTW, take a look to the spectrum viewer (Auto-EQ, when finished):



Is it possible to get a oscilloscope on the screen?

Anything’s possible… nothing’s easy :wink:

There are a raft of visualisations available which we could add but they all add load to the device so there is a price for the eye candy.

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Oscilloscope would be cool when sculpting sounds :slight_smile:

The Zynscope patch I posted last week may be what you are looking for. You use the audio routing feature to send a synth engines output to it. You can then use snapshot to save the routing after initial setup.

I have found the quality of the audio decays if the scope is used for some time. An hour or so. Admittedly this is with a ua222 beringer USB audio but seems repeatable.

Using PD/GEM is likely not a very efficient method to display an O-scope, but it’s the only way I know how to achieve it. The puredata load monitor on my zynthian varies from 9% to 12% cpu load. This doesn’t seem to change with time. Perhaps the extra load is slowly heating up the system temperature. Anyway, what you stated is good to know. By the way, the LissajousZ patch show about a 16% cpu load and the Butterfly patch I plan to post very soon shows about 45%. I’ll try to remember to include a warning when I post it as it shouldn’t be used with audio, only as a toy to pass the time when not making music. Sorry, I drifted further off topic.

Just a thought. Would it not be easier to navigate if we had a main menu with

  • Layers

  • Apps

  • Admin

Then you are just navigating via the select and back buttons.

Or would that break something else / make creating layers not as quick?

Just thinking as well, if you decide to add more non-layer features


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I will do it … :wink:

Is this supposed to be in the Audio Effects list? I’m not seeing it… where did it go?

Same here, it’s missing in the list.
Do you see it in the lv2 plugin list in webconf?
By the way, in my setup, in webconf - software - repositories there is master selected everywhere. Could that be related to the problem?

You need a recent SD image, or run:



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Doesn’t seem to fix it . . .
Just produces a blank screen. Zynth still plays but the screen is complete un-responsive.

You need to open the webconf LV2 Plugins page, and click Search for New Plugins. You can then enable them and add them as audio effects in your FX chain.

Awesome! It’d be so nice if that spectrum could be tweaked into being a guitar tuner display :slight_smile: (if the underlying FFT is accurate enough)


Yes the guitar tuner idea is excellent for the simple zynthian used as a replacement for various stomp boxes.

That’s precisely what I’m using mine for. I’m using it together with a “Pedalino”, which is a perfect companion (ESP32 with foot switches, sending RTP-MIDI to Zynthian).

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