New Aruk Stretch SD-image "Release Candidate": RC2

Looks like two different case sensitive options

TBH I’m not sure how the -P makes it work. I carried it over from my previous settings.

Actually it expects an integer argument, which you don’t provide.

-P, --realtime-priority int

When running –realtime , set the scheduler priority to int .

Now you invalidated the last -d parameter.
Are you sure, yours is hw:0

@mheidt thanks for looking at this

jackd passes all parameters after -d alsa onto the device (alsa). Adding the 2nd -P tells alsa to use the digi+ as playback only. This gets Zynthian working… the default options don’t work.

The sound is still massively distorted. Same when I use the ‘test audio’ from the menu.

yes, I was wrong. The second -P is Playback

Have you lost some low level functionality or has our Xwindows implementation become more secure?

I can’t get qjackctl running from Putty and I can’t srike up a gui interface from /zynthian/zynthian-ui/, which makes it hard to document in the Wiki cos I haven’t found a way to do screen shots without using that Putty route. . .

Trying things like …
xinit ./ -- /usr/bin/X :0 vt3 -auth /tmp/serverauth.XL73FCVESS

I’m also have these problems with remote XWindow display …

@wyleu, if you want to make Zynthian-UI screenshots, use “scrot” from zynthian CLI, like that:

export DISPLAY=:0 
scrot pantallazo01.png
scrot pantallazo02.png



A GUI screenshot program

@jofemodo will you confirm that this is still the image we should be testing? There has been some activity on the forum which seen to require newer build, e.g. surge.

Is it worth having some kind of log to indicate where we are with release candidates and issues found with them? I guess we could add a tag to github for each issue affecting a RC so that we can see the list of fixes required for each RC and users can continue to test it knowing that certain issue are known and fixed. We don’t want users having to update from a stable version just to get it working :frowning:. (And gosh! What a lot of updates - it took ages…:yawning_face:. ) Having spent a long time downloading the RC image a poor user (like me) may feel put off when they then have to wait another age for the updates to make it work better. I appreciate that too many release candidates is not great but each RC should be a candidate for release, i.e. (almost) fully working.

I thought I would try out the new user experience with this RC but I am left wondering how much more will go into the actual release as this feels like it is missing many features and bug fixes that we have since implemented, e.g. the LV2 list is not grouped until an update and research from webconf and of course we must change the version of zynstep plus the new audio routing. We should draw a line at some point and get the release out but as I say, I am not sure what I am testing here.

Hi @riban!
This thread is really old, from the stretch RCs.
I suppose you wanted to post to the more recent buster’s thread …


I’ve pulled down the 17/7 and it seems ok with fluidsynth on a Pi3.

Any specific areas you are looking at?

I’m lending it to someone with an 88 note keyboard and a hifiberry amp in it as a Piano replacement so we should get some honest opinion.

Seems a little stroppy about learning CC’s for MIDI channels outside of 1, but I’ll check thoroughly.

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