New audio board: Audio Injector Ultra sound card for the Raspberry Pi



The Flatmax Studios launches a new kickstater project: Audio Injector Ultra sound card for the Raspberry Pi. The user are the same the AudioInjector, AudioInjector zero and AudioInjector Octo.

The Flatmax Studios kickstarter projects are cool because it accepts suggestions for improve the project

This is a unique live project where you get to have input on the live re-designs. Our past projects saw many redesigns guided by YOU ! With your help, we finalised a product which was much more usable. Please drop comments on our campaign and feel free to visit our support/discussion forum

In other thread, some peoples called about issues in the AudioInjector zero quality. In the description of the new project, informs that

This is an ultra high quality ultrasound card

Maybe is interesting call the issues about Audio Injector zero with the Zynthian.


The thread that I comment above

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Low impedance for electric instruments!
And grounding.

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Also pledged


I have just pledged to the project. It seem interesting to have both stereo input and output. I want to connect my guitar to Zynthian! Hehehe


Another pair of sound cards for the collection…


So please also tell people on the audioinjector forum you want an instrument input. It means you need a different impedance (high z). See here.


Seems they are re-launching…
Ultra 2

Without headphones.


Wow DC capable so can pass voltage to CV/modular stuff, although Ive only seen Ableton Live output DC, but there must be others. That would really great.