New audio board: Audio Injector Ultra sound card for the Raspberry Pi

It seems a bug in the mixer state restoring, but AFAIK, it only affects this soundcard.
A good place to run something like this would be the UI’s startup script, but it will be overwritten on every update. We should add a hook point to run a user script. Could you add a “Feature Request” on github?


I tried a line after startx already…that’s too early as well…btw.
In the end it’s a bug with the soundcard driver. I just need a hook for a temporary solution.
I am on testing branch now and at least the volume works, once I unmuted it.

zynthian_engine_mixer… is this still used with the new mixer?
I added this on top of get_mixer_zctrls:
check_output(“amixer -c 4 sset ‘DAC’ mute”, shell=True)
But still to no avail.
And Muting/Unmuting the layer didn’t work either.
The special layout of this soundcard is, that “DAC” is volume and pswitch. The original zynthian_engine_mixer code can’t cope with that and just handles it as volume. fyi

That is the UI for Audio Levels view, i.e. the control of the hardware levels and other configurations. It would be good to change the name of the class.

I figured out, that when I call the Audio Level screen, my soundcard mutes.
Where is the code for that panel, so that I can call the amixer command on display of that screen?

Sorry, just read your post…must be there.
when I change the amixer line from unmute to mute, it works…