New Building Tutorial

Hi @all!

I’ve been working in a new Building Tutorial. It’s not completely finished yet, but i would like to share with you and get some feedback:

Building a Zynthian Box using an official Kit - ZynthianWiki

The tutorial is mainly minded for building a Zynthian Box using an official kit, but i think it can be used for building from scratch. As you can see, there are many photos and the descriptions are short and concise (i hope! :fearful:).

Any fix (also orthographic or language related), critic or feedback will be very welcome.

And of course, if you want to contribute, feel free to do it. It’s a wiki :wink:

Kind Regards!

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WARNING! Soldering the 26-pin connector can be difficult if you don’t have enough practice. Please, before starting be sure that you have readed and understanded

I think it should be…you have read and understood

I could see the same mistake in other paragraphs.

Anyway, good job @jofemodo.

Regards, Jose.

Ups! :flushed:
It’s fixed!

Thanks @smespresati!