New engine Jalv: LV2 plugins as standalone layers

Love it, thanks!!
Sorry for the little OT but is there any way to import .fxp/.fxb presets to jalv (.ttl) by chance?

The presets webconf interface needs some work.
But I need the OSC interface first before I can work on a good solution.

Not an easy task. I was doing some research some months ago, but there is no public specification for those file formats, so building a converter tool is a hard way. Anyway, i would love to have it too :wink:


Yes. I have this task on my TODO list :wink:

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this is superb getting fat sounds by layering :grin:

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Hi @jofemodo

very nice!!! Works out of the box!!! :sunglasses:
Layering of Dexed and OBXD gives fantastic sounds!

One (little) thing: The MDA-EPiano generator has the problem to be “very” loud… in fact loud enough to easily produce digital distortion when playing harder. It would be cool if every jalv instrument would have an automatic volume knob on an encoder.

Regards, Holger

when I think jalv I think ams-lv2 and making modular patches, but thats probably not very feasible with the interface. Maybe mod-ui is still going to be the best option (but it needs a midi->cv converter plugin still) :(.

good work though :slight_smile:

EDIT: I was thinking ingen. whoops.

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Try updating again. Something failed while installing pexpect package.

someone experiences note hanging while parameter changing (such as a filter cutoff ) via midi?.. obviously i intend while playing… happened with Helm, but it’s usually a complex plugin… but then happened with jx10 too.
actually does not always happens
anyway… it’s amazing :hearts:

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Yes updating again fixed it. It seems it had something to do with https certificates and the date/time on my raspi not being correct.

Great update BTW!

Amazing update @jofemodo !

Astonishing sounds from Helm and OBXD :slight_smile: !

The only minor thing in my case, I have no presets in Dexed and Synth 1.

Simple update didn’t work for me (have slow connection at the moment, have tried twice, but engine list stayed the same) so I have used the command lines above “… git fetch, git checkout jalv, reboot” and then all the plugins appeared in the engine list.

Fellow @zynthianers, please tell me, how to restore factory presets in Dexed and Synth 1. Thanks !

Hi @dhrupadiya

Dexed presets are installed in the Gogona Omega SD image. If you deleted by error, the best option is burning a new SD image.

Regarding SynthV1, i have no presets for this synth. If someone have presets for it, please, share!!! I would love to include some presets for synthV1.

Kind Regards

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here are some but i dont think these are very easy to integrate into zynthian:-

there are also some on the musical artifacts site

also on a different note is it possible
ZynAddSubFX, Aeolus and pur data have support for native GUI’s.
“Other GUI software can be installed to control other synths,”
how can i do this for the stand alone lv2 plugs.

many thanks

OK! If we want to use this presets with the LV2 plugin, we have to translate from the native format to the LV2 preset format. Let’s think about it … :wink:

Regarding the GUI for LV2 plugins, it can be done for most of them, but we have to re-compile the plugins with GUI support. It’s in my task list :wink:

Kind Regards,

It’s not an easy issue, as every plugin use different names for “volume” controllers. Some plugins doesn’t have a “volume” LV2 controller port, but listen MIDI CC7 or CC11 for volume, CC1 for mod-wheel, etc. Anyway i’m working on a good solution, but it’s not so easy:

Currently i’ve added the possibility of specifying (hardcoded by now) a list of standard MIDI controllers for every plugin. For instance, i’ve defined such a list for MDA ePiano, MDA Piano and MDA DX10.

If you know of other plugins listening MIDI-CC , please, tell me and i will add it to the list.

I hope to improve this system by allowing to specify a “LV2-native” volume controller, or adding some heuristics for finding the right controller in the plugin’s list. Simply try to find some “standard names”:

  • volume
  • gain
  • level
  • more?? :wink:

Kind Regards,

Hi @Zynthianers!

Great News Again!

  • @mheidt has created a configuration tool for the new Jalv engine. The tool allows to enable/disable the plugins you want to use with the Jalv Engine. Thanks a lot, @mheidt!!

  • The new Jalv engine is now merged with master branch. Those of you that changed to “jalv” branch for testing, you should change-back to master like that:

    cd /zynthian/zynthian-ui
    git checkout master

If you didn’t change to jalv branch for testing, just update your zynthian software using any of these options:

  • from the zynthian’s Admin menu
  • from the webconf tool
  • from the command line

If it doesn’t work, update again. If still failing, you should reboot and try again.
If still doesn’t work, try burning a new image and updating. :wink:



Yep - I see, not easy to solve. How about adding a stereo volume knob “behind” the generator as a default for jalv? So you have a dedicated and well know volume knob…

Regards, Holger

It’s the great zynthian mixer debate all over again !! :smiley:

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Yes, of course. This is in my list too. :wink: The final solution will include it when need it, but i don’t like the idea of having an extra when no need for it.

Also, there is the need of a global volume. I’m thinking about the possibility of adding a phisical slider to the design. Perhaps an horizontal slider in the case-top. What do you think about?


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Have updated and while I can see the plugins in the interface, I can’t load them*. Have run the update scripts, and I wasn’t on the test jalv branch. Before I try a new install here’s the debug log in case anyone can see the problem:

xorg-debug.txt (61.7 KB)

*Edit: MDA epiano, MDA piano, MDA DX10 are the three that are working for me