New Engine: Pianoteq

Pianoteq works flawlessly on my Zynthian.
Now I will decide what to do with my Kurzweil PC2 Rack and my Nord Electro2 Seventythree which become total obsolete.

First, I played the Nord through a very good Leslie Emulation (Neo Instruments Ventilator),I needed a shimmer-like reverb, too.
I could replace both effects units through Moddevices Mod Duo.
With Zynthian I now can play my favourite Pianoteq CP80 and much more pianos through my favourite LV2 rotary plugins and shimmer reverb. Fantastic.

I own the Steingraeber and Grotrian as well as Hohner Collection and Electric Collection and I am totally happy!
Installing 6.3 version and the free Bells and Carillons as well as KiViR through was a piece of cake.
I installed my license via ssh (PuTTy and XMing) on Win7.

Greetings and God bless you, Marius