New Engine: Pure Data


Hi @Zynthianers!

I’ve been working in a new engine integration: Pure Data!


Simply update from the Admin menu or from command line:


It will install all the required stuff and some example patches specially prepared for zynthian.

The engine will run any standard patch for “pd vanilla”. No “pd extended” support by now (do someone knows how to get installed “pd extended” on RBPi?)

Although any “vanilla” patch should work out-the-box, you would like to have your MIDI controllers correctly mapped and labeled. Don’t worry!! … integrating patches for working nicely with Zynthian is pretty easy. The trick is done by a simple YAML config file called “zynconfig.yml” that should be present in the patch folder. If no config file is found, the engine will try to detect the patch’s main file and some default controllers will be created.

You can use the example patches as reference for “patch integration”. This is an example:

main_file: "threeosc1.pd"

  midi_cc: 7
  value: 64
  midi_cc: 2
  value: '1'
  labels: ['1', '2', '3', '4', '5', '6', '7', '8', '9', '10', '11', '12', '13', '14', '15', '16']
  midi_cc: 1
  value: 64
  midi_cc: 63
  value: 64
  midi_cc: 65
  value: 64
  midi_cc: 66
  value: 0
  midi_cc: 67
  value: 0

As you can see, there is little to explain. You can specify more options for the controllers, “ticks” values for the “labels”, etc… Take a look to “zyngine/” for more details. Currently only MIDI integration is implemented, although OSC wont be too difficult to implement.

Of course, you have to customize a little bit your patches for getting a good integration, specially if you want “selector” controllers, like the “program” selector in the example above.

Finally, my experience with PD is really small, so i would appreciate any feedback, suggestion or help for improving the new engine.


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A work around for pd-extended here hope it helps


Very nice @jofemodo. But where should I get all the time to learn about PD :wink:?
The relax-generator-sound is very cool!

Regards, Holger


jajaja! I’m customizing a “drone generator” that will kill your ears … :rofl::rofl:


Maybe I should have posted this here instead. There is a program which chains PD patches together now for the Organelle (which I knew nothing about until watching this). I don’t know if it’s immediately relevant - or if we essentially can already do this? I don’t know much about Pure Data either.


Don’t know what it was exactly but I couldn’t get the PD update to show up. Re-flashed latest image and tried updating a few times and it finally worked! Really awesome, yeah the generative patch is very, very nice! Just in case anyone else had this trouble, keep trying!


thats fucking amazing Fernando!

and yea the organelle… for long I was asking myself if you could get the organelle sounds on the zynthian aswell?
I once downloaded the standard patches and played with them on the computer and I loved them!! But they always need this mother patch, will this be a problem?


I’ve not tried organelle patches. I know that it includes a special patch for integrating with the Organelle UI.
For integration with zynthian UI i’ve prefered to use a YML config file.

Perhaps we could create a wrapper-patch that replaces the organelle’s one. It shouldn’t be too difficult :wink:

Kind Regards,


hi i just changed a few patches from organelle to zynthian

pow wows polybeats
nori sampler

these are huge fun!

just place into /zynthian/zynthian-my-data/presets/puredata/synths/ and (2.6 MB)


Woaooo man! These presets are really funny!! :wink:
Could you add a volume control (CC7)? I would like to include it in the zynthian repository as example patches. I suposse there is no license problems … Am i right?



will do. no all open source as far as i am aware.:slight_smile

here we go (2.5 MB)


this is excellent news, i’ve made several utility patches with pd for live use (on a laptop)

Can we use the OSC object on the ethernet port ?
Zynthian could help as a OSC<>Midi bridge then


I’ve not tried yet, but it should work :wink:



Just let my zynth play the generative relaxing patch from the new layer PureData.

It’s very Laurie Anderson.



There are a lot of interesting PureData patches awaiting for zynthian integration :wink:


Love your comment @wyleu , but it shows your (our) age! :smiley:


Ha! you youngsters…

We did a set of bad Beatles songs last night (Octopus’s garden, Yellow Submarine etc … )

The bass guitarist ( a young chap who hasn’t managed to grow a beard yet), had to just follow the chords cos HE DIDN’T KNOW THE SONGS??? . . .

I’m getting old :smiley:


Ha, Ha! Reminds me of “Let’s all get up and dance to a song that was a hit before your mother was born…” Likely, your bass player doesn’t know that one either! Would have loved to see you play, but alas, I’m in Canada.


Haha! Thank you for mentioning her! OT a bit but her show Alive From Off Center, and it’s title theme music AND graphics, was a HUGE influence on me when I was like 8! It would come on at something like 12AM after Doctor Who so we accidentally taped it and then intentionally started taping it! Also how I learned about The Brothers Quay (in 1988!) Would LOVE to re-create this theme now. Probably only have one episode on VHS somewhere now… (Also, there’s a huge (?) aka niche movement right now in generative music using analog and digital modular eurorack etc with digital modules, a lot it sounds like this patch!)