New feature: "back" function with touchscreen


Hi @all!

I’ve implemented the “back” function using the touchscreen. Now, when clicking (touching) the topbar, a “back” event is triggered. It’s quick&dirty fix and probably it will change in the future, but meanwhile it will allow to have a basic functionality using the touchscreen without controllers.

You can test it by updating the software from the admin menu and restarting the GUI.

Kind Regards!

Any plans for Touch interface?

By Top Bar do you mean the Layer List/Admin Title bar thingy . … ?



This is this bar, touch it and there will be a back event !


Okay after a couple of update’s it’s working now . . …

How does one do save & load … ? :slight_smile:


You have to be in the “control” screen and touch the controller 3 area.
I know, touch interface has to improve a lot … :wink: