New feature: "back" function with touchscreen

Hi @all!

I’ve implemented the “back” function using the touchscreen. Now, when clicking (touching) the topbar, a “back” event is triggered. It’s quick&dirty fix and probably it will change in the future, but meanwhile it will allow to have a basic functionality using the touchscreen without controllers.

You can test it by updating the software from the admin menu and restarting the GUI.

Kind Regards!

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By Top Bar do you mean the Layer List/Admin Title bar thingy . … ?


This is this bar, touch it and there will be a back event !

Okay after a couple of update’s it’s working now . . …

How does one do save & load … ? :slight_smile:

You have to be in the “control” screen and touch the controller 3 area.
I know, touch interface has to improve a lot … :wink: