New Feature: Favorite Presets

Hi @zynthianers!

I suppose some of you are really bored, confined in your homes, with tons of time for testing new zynthian features, so, here we go with the first one: Favorite Presets

  • From Presets screen, “bold select” for adding a preset to favorites.
  • Favorites are marked with an asterisk (*)
  • From Presets or Banks screen, “short learn” for toggling “Show Only Favorites” mode. Clicking back (for going Banks screen) turns to “normal” mode.

The feature is not merged with master, so you need to select the “favorites” branch for zynthian-ui repository on webconf. And of course, update!



Hi @zynthianers!
Some of you tested the new feature? I would like to have some feedback before merging with master …


Nice feature! :+1: But there are (obviously) a few glitches… I think the best way for me to explain is with a small play-by-play.

Starting at the empty Layer List menu…

Layer List (Empty) > New Synth Layer > ZynAddSubFX > MiDI CH#1

At this point the screen shows all the banks (Arpeggios, Bass, Brass, etc.)

click Snapshot > Favorites menu

But the Favorites menu is completely empty. :thinking:

click Back > ZynAddSubFX banks
click Select > Arpeggio presets
click Snapshot > Favorites menu

And now the Favorite menu is full of my favorites! :smiley:

So there’s the first glitch. The second one is weirder…

Starting from where we left off…
click Back > ZynAddSubFX banks
click Snapshot > Arpeggio presets

What? Shouldn’t that take you to the Favorites menu instead?

click Back > ZynAddSubFX banks
click Snapshot > Favorites menu

There’s the second glitch. And it’s not just a single time. Every other click Back then click Snapshot cycle takes you to a preset list instead of the Favorites menu.

If I notice anything else, I’ll post it. :ok_hand:

All the best!

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Thanks @Jtunes!
I’ve fixed the workflow. Please update and test again …


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Thanks @jofemodo!
You definitely fixed the second glitch, but not the first.
Just to be clear, the first glitch is that the favorites bank remains empty until you load a preset bank.
For example, my ZynAddSubFX Favorites bank remains empty until I enter, say, the Arpeggios bank.
If more explanation is required, let me know.
All the best!

BTW, is anyone else testing this? If so, could you confirm/deny this behavior? Thanks!

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Hi @Jtunes!

I think i understanded and fixed the first issue :wink:
Please update and test. You can return to master, it’s merged!! :cowboy_hat_face:

Enjoy the preset favorites, @zynthianers!


It works! :heart: @jofemodo Thank you!

And… oh, look at that! Time to feed the @wyleu… careful now, he’s dangerous… easy does it… :rofl:


Update again! More fixes … :wink:

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