New Feature: Playback Volume in Audio Recorder

Hi @zynthianers!

I just commited a new feature that will be useful for those that use the Audio Recorder: Playback Volume Control

Simply update and enjoy! :wink:


Very nice. :smiley:


Great addition.

Now I can upload backing tracks to jam to.


Very great. !!! :grinning::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
But I can´t set a Midi-Controller…
Do I make something wrong?

I think you are right. I can’t map this wonderful new feature, to a MIDI controller.

Of course this means that it would need to become a sort of engine to allow it to be seamlessly integrated into the snapshot feeding pool. I don’t suggest it’s made a special case but would it need to instantiate an engine that appears on the Layer List?

It doesn’t tickle the meters either … :smiley:

I have no skills in architekture of sound-mashines. But I think it´s a standard feature to control a poti or fader or knob via midi-controller-numbers.:face_with_monocle:

You’d think wouldn’t you, but apparently Roland decided it wasn’t worth the effort for the looper built in the VCombo VR-09.

There are people round here that used Mini-moogs when they first appeared :smiley:

we had VERY limited remote control functionality then , indeed it involved copying on to patch sheets so that if you found a sound you could set it up the next night !

Very creative.

You do actually have skills in sound machine architectures. Your expectation of a feature is exactly that. The issue for the zynthian open source is how we implement this in our existing structure.
the mappings for Midi Control of a particular parameter is stored as a snapshot which are applied to all the present supported engines.
The Audio Recorder isn’t really an engine in the proper Zynthian sense ( it doesn’t appear on the Layer Screen for instance) it’s a pleasant addition. So it doesn’t have a snapshot at present. There might well be better ways of doing this if it is to be a REALLY useful feature. For instance, would it be useful to have MIDI & Audio always start at excatly the same time so that you could run a MIDI track against an Audio recording… That isn’t possible with the rather simplistic way recording and playback works at the moment, because they are just started as completely stand alone programmes AFTER the playback button is pressed, and the time it takes to start up the programme is down to the Raspberry Pi & how much it happens to be doing at the time.

Don’t worry we think a lot about this sort of thing, and it all depends on who is prepared to get their code fingers dirty to make it happen and the wether or not Jofo the revuers accept the Pull request…

All VERY open source… :smiley:

but your interest is very uplifting. It proves we are getting things right!

Yes, of coarse! All the things you say are completely right.
And it is no question: Someone has to do the programming work. And I can wait till a girl or a boy makes “dirty his/her hands”.

I want to tell a short story: Since 2018 my Korg Kronos (2011) is not usable for life-gigs. I believe there´s a cold solderpoint. And the Kronos crashes always in the middle of the gig. So I can´t work. But Korg cannot find the failure. They say: Buy a new one for a “special” price … But I don´t have the money to buy a new 3000€ piece.

A good friend always asked me, why don´t you use Open source-Instruments. But the performance of the R3 was not good enough. But since I have a R4, there are no unsolveble problems.
We have fantastic engines for

  • Sampling
  • Organ Sounds
  • Subtractional Synth
  • Physical Modeling
  • FM Synthesis.
  • I do not know all engines …

We can play Audio and Midi, we can shoot gimmiks and we can use playbacks. And all this with the best sounds. This is a very, very great work.

I´m sorry, that I cannot help to do the programming work. But I can help to make Zynthian wellknown to my friends and musicians. And they will be glad to learn, that it needs not a lot of money to have the best sounds. Life and in the studio.

So I´m looking to a great future. Playing my music without the fear to loose the money for a lable-Keyboard. Zynthian is a problem-Solver, musically, financially and socialy.

And the Zynthian-Community has all my thanks !!!


Very well said. I believe that statement encapsulates the very ethos of Zynthian.