New Feature: Route audio from standalone engines to MOD-UI


Hi @Zynthianers!

I just commited this new feature:

You can update your software and test it :wink:



awesome feature lots of fun huge thanks


Well done, guys. It sounds really cool !!
But I couldn’t find out how to use it though.
Can you please give some more info on how to use this feature, please ?


Hi @claudev!

I’ve updated the workflow diagram in the wiki:

for including these 2 features:

  • New Screen: X-Y touch controller (implemented some time ago, but not documented yet)
  • New layer option: Audio => MOD-UI

Starting from January 2018, I will upload some small “video-demos”, showing the main features of Zynthian with some detail.



very nice work @jofemodo


WOW… it’a amazing… it’s hard to choose between this and a cute girl naked under the sheets :smiley: