New HiFiBerry Amp 2.. . . 60W!


and is aimed at being powered by old laptop supplies as it can now cope with the higher voltage PSU’s

It configures as a HiFiBerry DAC+ . . .

First observation. If you select HDMI in the config and fire it up without an HDMI monitor (or worse yet a non working monitor… RIP the monitor in the previous pictures) Then zynthian doesn’t start.

Could we have an Remote hdmi option in the display settings so you can do the equivalent of a ssh -X
python3 /zynthian/zynthuan/ui/

The hifiberry amp2 seems to like being device 2 . . .

root@zynthian-amp2:/zynthian/zynthian-data/audio# aplay -l
**** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****
card 2: sndrpihifiberry [snd_rpi_hifiberry_dacplus], device 0: HiFiBerry DAC+ HiFi pcm512x-hifi-0 []
  Subdevices: 1/1
  Subdevice #0: subdevice #0

after culling zynthian and jack services
systemctl stop zynthian
systemctl stop jack2

aplay -D hw:2,0 zynthian_signed_16_PCM.wav


(I built a small wav file for /zynthian/zynthian-data/ which helps with this sort of thing … )

So from the hifiberry site ( Which is getting less and less informative as they get bigger and bigger …

We add /etc/asound.conf

pcm.!default {
type hw card 0
ctl.!default {
type hw card 0

so aplay -L reveals the villian, because the small MPK keyboard had decided it wanted to be the alsa default …

So presumably devicetree is doing something a bit arbitry with audio also device start up, and alsa is being it’s normally friendly self :smiley:

So Don’t leave your USB midi connections connected upon initializing a machine for the first time…

We have piano from a 60W hifiberry amp2 zynthian . . . .

Now let’s see if we can get the encoders working. . .

So loading up the encoder parameters for the hifi berry amp encoders (wyleu passim… :blush:)

Zynthian Wiring Config

export ZYNTHIAN_WIRING_ENCODER_A="25,26,4,0"
export ZYNTHIAN_WIRING_ENCODER_B="27,21,3,7"
export ZYNTHIAN_WIRING_SWITCHES=“23,11,2,22”

we have a new member of the increasingly populated wyleu collection of zynthians . . .

zynthian-amp2 which is a 60W machine using a pi3, and an old encode set.

Seems to work.
All praise to them that did …


Hi @wyleu !

Yes, this is an old problem with Zynthian: If you boot with 2 (or more) USB-MIDI devices connected, the sound card will be configured as second or third device and won’t work.

I’ve tried to tweak with the ALSA configuration, but with no luck. Perhaps somebody in the forum have the knowledge/experience to fix the problem? :wink:



Was that pre or post device tree?


It’s the ALSA subsystem initialization. I suposse it’s post device tree … but not sure.


Just had this machine fail showing the thermometer icon!

Long running string sound behind piano, played heavily.

Probably a bit marginal to hope the self built encoder board and wiring could fit in the hifiberry box with a 60W amp. Will rebuild without encoders and see how it behaves.

This is all part of the MIDI Network stuff! honest!


One of my two hifiberry apm2’s turned out faulty.

It’s a known issue. One channel, once audio is being played, has a slowly but steadily increasing DC offset which after about 3 or 4 minutes hits the supply rail and resets but rises again within a second or so producing an audible click.
Hifiberry know about the issue and test for it now but beware.