New Hifiberry card - Pi5 only, 8x output!

But you would like to control the hardware audio levels. You should click the “…” button and select the 8 output volume controls, or whatever.


As the board use 4 pcm5102 chips, there will be no hw control.

Anyway this is an excellent news.
The pull request ASoC: Add multichannel HiFiBerry DAC8X [V2] by j-schambacher · Pull Request #5993 · raspberrypi/linux · GitHub is damn simple.

Maybe, adding 4 basic pcm1808 as ADC shouldn’t be that hard :innocent:

Thanks for that link. I read on the hifiberry site that they are using additional gpio pins to transmit the date. I think these pins are described in the ocerlay file. Does someone know if this pins are in conflict with the zynthian hardware?

fragment@0 {
		target = <&gpio>;
		__overlay__ {
			rp1_i2s0_dac8x: rp1_i2s0_dac8x {
				function = "i2s0";
				pins = "gpio18", "gpio19", "gpio21",
				       "gpio23", "gpio25", "gpio27";
				status = "okay";

Hi @JayBee ,

This is common for RBPi3, RBPi4, RBPi5:

GPIO18 => pin 12, for I2S BCK
GPIO19 => pin 35, for I2S LRCK
GPIO21 => pin 40, for I2S DOUT0

While these are specific to the Hifiberry 8X
GPIO 23 => pin 16, for I2S DOUT1
GPIO 25 => pin 22, for I2S DOUT2
GPIO 27 => pin 13, for I2S DOUT3

If you want to use MIDI DIN standard interface, you will need
GPIO 14 => pin 8, for MIDI IN
GPIO 15 => pin 10, for MIDI OUT

If you want to enable hardware controls as on Zynthian v5, you will need:
GPIO2 => pin 3, for I2C SDA
GPIO3 => pin 5, for I2C SCL
GPIO5 => pin 29, for INTA (int1) of first MCP23017 expander
GPIO6 => pin 31, for INTB (int2) of first MCP23017 expander
GPIO17 => pin 11, for INTA (int3) of second MCP23017 expander
GPIO27 => pin13, for INTB (int4) of second MCP23017 expander

so, if to plan to use something like a v4 layout (4 encoders, 4 buttons <=> only one MCP23017), that’s okay.
If it’s on a v5 hardware, you will have conflict with GPIO27

But you can reconfigure this in webconf.

Hi @riban
On an existing V5 kit, this would have no effect IMO, as it’s hardwired on the mainboard.

Indeed! But if someone were building their own device with a 8x card then they can chose which GPI to use for interrupts. You are absolutely right to warn of the clash between official V5 board and x8 soundcard and it may be something that is considered for the V6, i.e. full I2S compatibility.


Anyway, RBPi 5 moves the DSI connector wich should be a really pain now to connect in a v5 kit.


Don’t forget the M2 connector for a NVMe drive :wink:

I’m sur on the long list that @jofemodo is considering! Maybe there will be a 8x8 interface possible by then???

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Hi folks, thanks for the Infos. Especially @le51
In the first step i have a raspi5 and the dac8x. Also a metalcase for the official 7" Display, but not the Display. This would be a Touchscreen only solution. But the cheapest and maybe a good start.

In the local classified is a V3 zynthian for sale where i can replace the raspi (with the help of a iron saw).

I also had the idea asking @jofemodo to buy a V5 kit without the mainboard. But this would have technically issues as i know now.
I will think about it and have also time at the weekend for this topic.