New L2 synths

Check out these new synths…


Hi @gueims!

These plugins (synthv1, samplv1 & drumkv1) are included in the Zynthian SD from the very beginning… but thanks to your post i’ve noted that there is a new member in the V1 family: the padthv1, inspired by the PAD synth algorithm from our beloved Paul Nasca. Great!! I will include this new toy in the next SD release.

Also, i would like to invite developpers to write a V1 zynthian engine. Using the plugins as LV2 is nice, but using the standalone versions will give us better integration and a simple way of loading preset files …

Kind Regards!

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Sorry…Actually, I don’t have a Zynthian box, so I don’t know exactly wich software is already inside.
In fact, there’s is a good soul who is building one box for me :wink:, I hope…

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is it possible to get .sy1 preset lists into the pedalboard somehow?

Thanks @gueims

I created a recipe inside (recipe/ This installes the LV2 plugin (beside the jack based). For the jack based an engine has to be written (perhaps I find some time the next months).

Regards, Holger