New LV2 plugins

B.Jumblr, a pattern-controlled audio stream re-sequencer (LV2)
Plugin’s GitHub page:
How it works:

Another additive synth in LV2 format, EnvelopedSine:
(On the GitHub page there are another LV2 synth plugins as well, i.e. SyncSawSynth, TrapezoidSynth, WaveCymbal)

XPolyMonk, polyphonic (12 voices) version of XMonk with full midi support.

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There you go! :smiley: Scour the depths of the internet for all the free LV2s we can get our hands on! :grin:

Quick question: do we know if B.Jumblr’s UI is accessible by X11? It’s a very cool engine, but I don’t think zynthian-ui alone could handle all those controls… :thinking:

I’ve had XPolyMonk compiled and running on the zynth. I was aware that the dev has been doing lots of changes so I didn’t do much about it. It’s quite cpu intensive on my pi 4. I’ll get a recipe written.


"ye-e-e-a-a-a-o-o-u-uwww… oh-yeah-youw-yeah… yeh. "
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(xpolymonk for pad, grids_zynth rhythm, and noizemak3r as a bass thumper)


Always loved formant filters, but as they’re just a bunch of appropriately set band-pass filters, you don’t need a dedicated engine: helm have a quite nice formant filter with two vowel axis, and both axis are in the mod matrix :slight_smile:

Thanks to mention B.Jumblr @sm7x7 . The video you linked is about J74 SliceShuffler from Fabrizzio Poce. There are a lot of similarities, but also differences. Therefore I just uploaded a video about B.Jumblr:

B.Jumblr has a X11 GUI. There are only 5 controls defined in the LV2 plugin that can be set via a generic GUI (incl. zynthian-ui). The pattern itself has to be set via the X11 GUI (or feel free to hack the preset .ttl). 1024 controllers for the pattern wold really be a bit too much. :wink: