New patches for Pure Data

I’ve been working on zynthian integration for several pure data patches. This one took a couple of weeks to get it to make sound on the zynthian, but I finally got it going. It’s a modified version of “OuterSpace_V1” by Alberto Zin released under the Gnu Public License. Sounds range from soothing to industrial to rhythmic to spacey to crazy scary. Be sure to check out the last controller on page #5 “Randomize Patch”. (40.4 KB)


I installed this and it’s wonderful. Part generative, part keyboard responsive. My only regret is I can’t run it with ‘grids’

Glad you like it. You could put in a feature request to be able to run multiple instances of puredata. Of course you could also get another zynthian to run both at the same time.

I’m working on integrating a different pure data drum machine and it’s almost ready. I’ll see if I can combine it with Spacezynth.


Here’s an Organelle patch Stereo Rhythmicon integrated for use with zynthian. Notes C4 to B4 are used to add tones that trigger at different pitches and different repeating rates. Once selected you can play notes C5 and above to change the overall tuning. Changing the value of the controller named “Touch to Reset” allows you to select a new pattern of notes. (183.2 KB)


Amazing stereo on an android tablet.