New PD patch: Lissajous figure

Here’s a Puredata patch that displays lissajous figures on the screen. The patch also outputs audio from the 3 sinewave oscillators that control the lissajous figure. The patch loads in Slideshow mode. You can turn off the slideshow and go to Live mode by changing values on the X Preset controller or the X color controller. You can also use the Speed controller to turn the slideshow off and on as well as adjust the speed (0=off, 127=fastest change rate). When in Live mode, you can adjust the xyz frequencies, color, and use a midi keyboard to change frequencies. While this patch is not particularly musical, it adds an interesting visual component to the Zynthian and can be quite fun to use. (2.3 KB)


Now that is impressive!!

whoa :0

Could we have a guide as to how to implement this in a zynthian that has so far been untroubled by PD usage…? :smiley:

All that in one yaml & a PD file…?

and weren’t we wondering what to do with a second hdmi on a Pi4?

Is that a 7" touchscreen?

Yes, everything needed is in the zip file. All you need to do is upload the zip file using the Web Configuration Tool. I gave instructions on how to load PD patches into the Zynthian in a previous post: Adding Pure Data synths ....(and Csound?)
You can skip down to step 5 as steps 1 thru 4 were already done when I created the zip file. I have updated my zynthian several times since I posted those instructions and can no longer create new Banks, so I loaded into the existing bank named generative. Please let me know how it goes.

Yes, that is a 7" touchscreen and I recently changed my zynthian from Pi3 to a Pi4 with 2 mb. I haven’t bought any adapter cables yet to try out the hdmi ports but I am planning to in the near future. I have some other visual patches ready to share if the zynthian community shows interest.

well that was pretty easy . . .

Now can I get them on to an hdmi connector whilst maintaining the gui interface on a touchscreen…?

where i can’t figure out real interest in those graphics, I still think this is excellent ! nice work

Yes please! Great stuff! :heart_eyes:

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I mentioned audio issues but I’ve now proved it’s a USB audio problem.