New Pi Model


Might make a good secondary Zynthian for FX or synthesis (even small sample/SF2/SFZ)

Or the headless no sounds front end talking over Ethernet . . . :smiley:

But you’d be using the same 3 USB port /ethernet hub to get it talking . . .

(Does he EVER give up?)

They can communicate over MIDI!

Aaah but what do you do if you want to talk to more than one remote zynthian and don’t want tot make up interesting MIDI splitters and drivers?

(This is a favourite theme of mine, most people just smile politely put a coin in my tin and think of what might of been . . . . )

Use MIDI Through to Chain them together! up to 16 devices can be driven. :slight_smile:

MIDI has been used for non-music communication before on the Atari ST, MIDI Maze is probably the most famous, but there was a visual synthesiser called Trip-a-tron which used MIDI to synchronise up to 16 machines.


Isn’t it nice to have choice ! :smiley:

I used to use a MIDI Junction which was basically an electronic 8*8 MIDI patch bay with some extra functions.

Something a bit like this …

MIDI junction.

I’ve switched to using Pi’s and midi networking as it’s saves on hardware and seems to involve an awful lot less plugging & unplugging.

Luckily in our zynth world we both get options :smiley:

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Would be nice to send audio over wi-fi from one, or more, Pi A+ to a Pi 3B+ with audio card. IIRC you mentioned something like this a while back.