New Pianoteq instrument


I bought the Electric pianos pack from Pianoteq, but on my Zynthian these instruments still show as demo . What should i do to update Zynthian ? Already tried to upload the Pianoteq binary again.

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I suppose you already have installed a license and you bought a new package.
Have you tried to click the “update presets” button from the webconf?


That’s correct, Pianoteq is already activated on the Z and i bought a new package.

Yes, i tried the Update presets now, but still Pianoteq will show only 2 instruments, all others that i bought appears as demo versions :thinking:

And do they act like demo as well? When I bought Bechstein DG, I found a bug related to existing Bechstein without DG. But I could play DG…it was in the demo section but playable without the missing notes.

We would need the webconf logs while you are updating the presets

Same here. The Hohner Collection (4 instruments) bought and registered in Pianoteq (first on the desktop, and then licences being updated by using SSH on the Zynthian) still are under DEMO section, but there are no missing sounds. Updating presets changes nothing…

Please, re-open the Pianoteq UI using the SSH remote display (ssh -Y, or whatever you did), but close the Pianoteq window using the mouse. Then reboot your zynthian …


Finally… Thanks Brother! Who might think… Now all presets are in the right list. Thank you again! :upside_down_face: :+1:

And my Zynthian is happy, too! :slight_smile: