New Preset Manager

Hi @zynthianers!

The new preset manager is quite functional now:

  • Navigate Banks & Presets/Soundfonts for every engine, including LV2 plugins
  • Create / Rename / Delete banks
  • Rename / Delete presets
  • Download banks & presets/soundfonts
  • Upload presets & soundfonts to the bank you select. When the preset/soundfont is a directory, it must be compressed with zip or tar.gz. You can upload several files at once!!
  • Search Musical Artifacts and install from there.

Some engine implementation are still incomplete and doesn’t allow all operations. Be patient! I’m working on it … And of course, if you want to help … feel free to join the party!! :wink:

Anyway, update your zynthian and enjoy!



TODO list for the new Preset Manager:

  • ALL: Implement preset “move” (from a bank to another)
  • LV2 plugins (Jalv Engine) => Implement bank functionality, allowing to add banks and assign presets to banks.
  • LV2 plugins (Jalv Engine) => Implement upload. The upload method should accept native preset formats and convert to LV2 when a converter is available. Currently we have converters for Dexed (sysex) and Synthv1. Converters for padthv1 and Raffo are easy to implement starting from the Synthv1 one. More?
  • Add checking/sanitizing functions for “bundle” uploads: sfz, pd, pedalboards
  • Test & test & test everything