New Raspberry Pi 3 B+ variant


Forget the last 2 messages … i’m too tired at this time and probably my brain is not working properly.
I don’t know what happened … but after powering off the machine and taking a coffee, i boot again and everything seems to be working OK … strange … i’ve to sleep better :relaxed::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Ok, so what is currently the best Pianoteq combination?
3+ with 6.1?


I’m quite happy with 6.0.3. I don’t feel the difference with 6.1 and performance is better …



It does power over Ethernet doesn’t it?


Hmm… yes and no: there is a 4 pin connector (2*2) for an additional PoE module, which is (AFAIK) currently not yet available.


Pity, the PSU is a headache.

It’s another hat.
Might work for a MIDI box on stage thou’