New Raspberry Pi 3 B+ variant


Hmm. GigEthernet (limited to about 350MBit due to hardware limitations) and 1.4Ghz cores. Not more RAM. Ok, better WiFi and some smaller goodies… but altogether not a big step.

Regards, Holger


10% better performance. Guess we need any single percent for Pianoteq 6.1


I’m a bit disappointed with this. I don’t have any RPi applications where I’ve hit any performance problems with Ethernet so those improvements don’t help. I know that the RPi Foundation likes to make incremental steps, but regularly rolling out slight upgrades just slows them down from making more radical upgrades. Let’s hope that RPi 4 brings more…

But it would have been nice if they’d included an audio codec. It would have simplified Zynthian!


The audio codec wouldn’t have met our requirements. And isn’t there one on board anyways?
I am dissapointed, that it doesn’t have 2GB RAM.


The problem of the current Raspi is that the software runs very good and stable. But it is limited to the current hardware design. So the only thing they can do is to change external periphals or use the same CPU with a higher clock rate.

A significant change (more cores, more memory,…) can only be done with a change of the good tested Raspian and (perhaps) other hardware incompatibilities… but I think they are working on this.

Regards, Holger


I am buying one and will test if Pianoteq will run better than on the normal 3B.

Regards, Holger


is there any progress with 6.1?


Modartt released a fixed version which supports the switch “–mutlicore max”. This seemed to work for me. I have to add this into the engine. Currently I have not much time - I hope to fix this at the weekend.

Regards, Holger


Added “–mutlicore max” now.


Have one and will test it the next days/weeks.