New Raspberry PI 4

I did, you got the key change wrong . . . .


Well… i’m a bad player, this is not a secret… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Hey all,
Working to get CustomPiOS to build for it, I’ve been updating live here:

Will note that its out of stock in Israel, do I won’t have any hardware to try it out for a while.

Ok, CustomPiOS works with Buster and the lastest image. Should I move the nightly builds to work with it too?
(we already have a nightly for OctoPi which was booted and tested, but not on Raspberrypi 4 because I dont have access to one)

Should we get Aruk released before changing anything else substantial? It has been almost there for oh so long! :snail::wink:

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Aruk should work with Raspi4. If we need buster for it, we should install it.

Hi @Zynthianers!

I’m really happy with the new RBPi4 announce. It has what we need: more CPU power and much more memory, so probably, our performance problems with Pianoteq and other engines will be greatly improved, if not solved. And this is really great!!!

In the other hand, the RBPi foundation has been telling us that we shouldn’t expect a new RBPi until 2020 or so …
I’ve done my task, designing and selling Zynthian kits, and now i’ve a good amount of quite expensive aluminum cases that doesn’t fit the new RBPi4 (as you know, connectors types and positions are quite different). So i would like to laugh, but i must cry … ;-(

Anyway, i prefer to look forward, so i’m starting to design and manufacture the new RBPi4 cases, although it will take some time, with summer in the middle. I calculate not before October … probably December.

Until then, i’m thinking about offering an “RBPi4 Update Kit” with a special price for those who don’t want to wait and buy the current RBPi3 kit.

Of course, I’m just starting to think about all this …the fundation’s announcement catch me with crossed feet … or whatever you english people say!! :wink:

Kind Regards,


Probably the English expression would be caught with your pants down…

Sorry to hear about the case issues. Don’t really get the 2 hdmi ports but I’m sure they have their reasons. The swapping of the Ethernet & USB understandable but from a zynth perspective it’s a pian.

Regarding Buster … yes!! We should change ASAP … so once @guysoft confirm that CustomPiOS is working with Buster, we will start to make the needed changes …


Ohhhps!! I missed the last @guysoft message!

Yes, @guysoft! Let’s change to Buster …


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Probably not too much of an issue but remember that Buster is still testing, scheduled for release next month.

I agree with @riban. We should name the last stretch build aruk.
Maybe buster offers new touch gestures and we will end up with a complete new experience.


  1. We will release Aruk before changing to Buster. I will release the RC3 on this week, and if no critical problems (stability, basic operation, etc.) are detected, this will be the final version. We can solve most of problems with updates, as we did in the past.

  2. Once Aruk is released, we will change the night build system to Buster. This is an easy and reversible step, so we still could generate stretch images (Aruk) if really needed.

Because Stretch and Buster are quite similar (no big changes in critical areas), i hope it should be a straightforward change …

Regarding the names, perhaps we should adopt the debian naming and call “Buster” the next Zynthian SD image. We can use a second name if needed, as we did with Gorgona.



Why not to transform old cases to modular ones for future generations of RPi’s or whatever. I mean back panel and side panels. Maybe even ready made cases can be transformed on CNC or something.

P.s. sorry regarding your situation. But I am sure, that many people will be stuck with RPi B+ for now. For instance from Russia we can not order RPi 4 at the native website – sanctions or whatever, there is simply no Russian Federation among the other countries

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I’m studying all options … thanks for the advice! :wink:

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Probably more to do with stock than sanctions, the pi4’s in the UK sold out pretty quickly, lets hope anyway. :slight_smile:

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Hot Raspberry Pies :slight_smile:


Moved nightly build to RaspberryPi 4-compatible image (aka buster).
Should get one tomorrow.

Expect something to fail, since Rpi upgraded also the image to use Debian Buster (version 10) and there are slight changes in the packages.

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Nice. I would like to have the possibility of generating also Aruk (stretch) images. Should we configure 2 different Jenkins projects or what?

Hi @guysoft!

Could you send me a briefing with the changes you did for changing to Buster? I would like to learn … :wink: