New Raspberry PI 4


OB-Xd with all the effects! Vember Surge confirmed! Multitrack recorder!

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Twin HDMI?

They’ve swapped Ethernet & USB !

Has anyone seen my hacksaw…?:face_with_monocle:

What a powerful little engine…

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Why are you still here? Drive to Cambridge and buy the hole stock.


He’s posting from his car dashboard zynthian you know.


Many have indeed asked. . .

Course some of us now have the new playable webconf . . .

I topped and tailed it, hence the missing 8 seconds . . . :smiley:

Record Functionality, ogg download and Status echo and if we did top and tailing we could dump the Audacity step and operate entirely remotely of a zynth being played by someone else like, Richard my ghastly son, you can play the piece far better than I can. . . .
:smiley: :smiley:

:slight_smile: your wife and kids?

I just ordered a 4GB version

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They have my true worth displayed on a two line display on a raspberry pi in the kitchen. . . .

It’s somewhere between the piano and the playstation .

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I thought it said “Got milk?”
That’s approximately my value.
But at least lactose free…

Don’t let them get the idea of a cow…

The standard reply to any of the frequent discussions of my own demise is,

‘At least we’ll get a cat . . .’

And they almost don’t live here anymore :thinking:

I’m sure I will buy one reasonably soon. Fair bit of rejigging to encompass it in various cases. How far back are we going to support, Do I get my audio headless zero’s yet ? :tornado:

Wow! I had given up on a new RPi anytime soon due to them categorically stating it would not appear before next year. I have just been told by the boss that we need a vacuum cleaner before a new Pi. That might not stop me though! And I was actually tempted to drive to Cambridge (which is closer to me than @wyleu but I should really get on with my day job (and installing running water back in my home). I guess we start to look at what a Zynthian Pi 4 looks like as soon as we have one in our grubby little hands but it may take a while before it becomes the standard. (At least a few weeks…). I am excited!

Oh! And maybe Pianoteq will play without x-runs… well there is always hope!

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Me too, at the exact time they opened sales :slight_smile:
It was supposed to be delivered today, but it’s a local holiday, so it will be delivered tomorrow.

(it will replace the main board in my “VideoRecorder’o’Death”)

POE is looking interesting. . .

PoE was available even in RPi3, with the same hat you’ll need on the 4:

And beware: the hat WILL require an 802.3af compliant power source, and the Ubiquiti PoE Injector is not one.

Yes, I knew it was on the 3. The fact that they’ve not moved the connector means they see it as an important mechanical interface going forward ( More important than the actual Ethernet connector :-D.Certainly, from a little reading it’s all fairly non compatible at the moment. Hense the existance of pointless devices like this …

But I like it for stage use. Get’s rid of cables and stage wall warts. Got to be a good thing.

Anyone think of any easy way of getting 60 or so volts in the middle of a field :smiley:

Presumably with the specific new power supply, (probably a recommendation for Pi 4 zynthian power supply) we can assume it’s upped it overall power consumption even if it does promise to shunt a fair bit of current down parasitic USB’s

and don’t forget the edge connector hell of the POE HAT …

A breeze…




That’s got to be worth a musical forfeit :face_with_monocle:

It’s like the world cup round here…

We are getting VERY strict.

…those stupid budget constraints… :smiley:

But I know the problem wery well. Once, I had to build a ligthing system for my wife theater group, 'cause they had to do a show in the middle of nowhere. I used two UPS batteries, 12V LED lights everywhere, and a customized inverter to power the amplifier at the needed voltage without too many conversions and efficiency loss.

And I’ve been able to make a system fully contained in a suitcase.
Well, probably if they had traveled by plane they would have been arrested immediately, seeing the appearance of the object, but … :wink:

And BTW: I reused the “box” with a 3A 12->5V converter, and it kept a RPi powered for almost 3 days (I was tracking a random RF signal)

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Very impressive…!! I did a MIDI controlled lighting controller that ran off 28 Volts AC bent out of a 240 Volt unit to power early halogen bulbs… Saved lots of local transformers … :slight_smile:

We don’t like mains power do we…?

But, I didn’t get my sound sample … :face_with_monocle:

I could send the Cameroonians round …

Listen better! I was playing a FANTASTIC and VERY ARTICULATED version of 4’33" by John Cage.