New release of TouchOSC!

There is a brand new version of TouchOSC out today with loads of new features. Perhaps the biggest change is that the editor is now integrated on all touch devices. Previously the design had to be done on a Mac or PC. Layout editing is now synchronised across instances on a network. Lots of other cool stuff, including a scripting engine.


Wow, that’s awesome!! thanks for sharing

edit: dammit, they make you pay again, I’ve become too used to free stuff
seems worth it tho

This is something I need to research for accessibility support, if this can provide me with a spoken UI for systems like Aeolus, etc, and it can speak, that’s if it can through VoiceOver for MacOS and iOS, GAME ON! emailed developer to ask this info.

lew :slight_smile:

After a quick test of Open-Stage-Control (mentioned in this topic) I can’t justify spending the money, since open-stage-control is open source, free software that needs NOTHING installed in the client, and actually after testing it with the pi, it works really well! almost no impact in the pi’s system and there are a lot of advanced things that can be done here that touchosc can’t (at least with the old touchosc).

Installing it was just a matter of downloading the node zip package from their website and running it with node via terminal Introduction - Open Stage Control

there is this great youtube video that explains how some basic things can be done, and the docs are really really nice


Thanks @Pastitas for figuring it out yourself ! Open stage is indeed a really powerful, it could be used for the user to create his own MIDI controller on the Zynthian and use the created controls on the Zynthian too or on any device that would connect to the Zynthian OSC server… installation is pretty straightforward, and the app is not very resource consuming… controls made within Open Stage Control could easily be linked to the encoders and I guess it would be easier than the “favourite grid”. It would stil take a touch screen to be effective though…

I’m actually thinking of opening a feature request, or maybe even adding it myself and making a pull request so that this is an available service that can be activated from the admin menu.
@riban I’d suggest you to test it out, this seems like a really powerful thing to have

This interface is basically a webpage, so maybe it integrates well with your text-to-speech solutions @lewisalexander2020

I’ve had an official email from the creators of Touch OSC with not so good news, Sadly at present, VoiceOver (screen Reader for the Mac ) and possibly other screen readers, cannot support this software, regardless of iOS or MacOS (my main systems) and they are not fully sure how to make this happen, they have raised this in meetings several times but from there, no further action has yet happened. I have contacted back and discussed this further so await their response.

Yeah, i meant the option that i mentioned, open stage control @lewisalexander2020

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I suspect that as Touch OSC can’t use the default UI widgets, implementing a version that VoiceOver understands would mean to build a whole new app.

Just this week Apple holds its developer conference, and there is a specific lounge devoted to accessibility where you can interact with Apple accessibility developers. Probably the developers of Touch OSC are already aware of it and are already present there, but if there is a specific issue I would happily forward it to them.

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If you could raise attention with apple accessibility team over Touch OSC for both MacOS and IOS that would be amazing. I’m aware of the WWDC event and the accessibility dev booth only too well :slight_smile:

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