New software on zynthian

Tedy, your set is amazing! Pure CyberZynthianPunk, man!
Congratulations!! I’m really happy of seen your zynthian working and integrated with your other stuff!! It seems you have enjoyed hacking a little bit :grin:


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Regarding zynthian integration, i think you have 2 options:

1.) Use an USB=>MIDI converter. There are some of them quite cheap that you could find on indonesia. You should connect the USB part to the PC with Windows and the 1manband. Then the MIDI-OUT from the converter to the MIDI-IN on zynthian (have your zynthian the MIDI-IN?).
You have to configure the 1ManBand for using the MIDI-USB dongle port as MIDI-OUT.

2.) Use QMidiNet and IpMIDI. Slighty more complex, but don’t need a converter.
The only problem i see is that ipmidi is commercial software. You can download a trial version from here:

but it stops working after 1 hour.

Activating QMidiNet on Zynthian is very easy and you can do it from the Admin menu.

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