New software on zynthian

can install on zynthian system please .its dream intruments system

Try to make it work and we integrate it.

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I don’t know how to go to Zynthian

  1. Submit sound sample :roll_eyes:
  2. Pick zynthian component that most matches what you are attempting to add.
  3. goto zynthians github page gui engine folder.
  4. Write similar python script and name file
  5. Submit Pull request.

how get setting zynthian wit notebook windows os via wifi( because i want to combine between zynthian as multitimbral gm sound with virtual midi acompaniment system via wifi zynthian is amazing jef modo project


Ohhh my friend Teddy, i can’t help you with this because i don’t know this “varranger” software, but i’m pretty sure that you would find the way for using it with Zynthian, given that Zynthian is a MIDI beast :wink:

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Not sure what you need help with tedy. Can you get MIDI data to and from the zynth to the PC? Or is it CC mapping you need help with?

Qmidinet on the synth is designed to be compatible with ipMIDI so you could try routing your MIDI over the network, otherwise you need a USB to MIDI cable to transfer the MIDI data between the two.

I’ve never used varranger so I’m not sure I can help if you need cc mapping.

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ok thank alot jofemodo for all ,…I also made the midibox midi keyboard controller to connect with Zynthian

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What else can you tell us about it?

how about mini pc itx base windows os lan network to zynthian raspberry lan

thank wyleu but I still find it difficult to make a music workstation package (realtime midi autoacompaniment system) between CPU1 as a realtime midi autoacompaniment like many examples, /

and many other examples for connecting to zynthian as a sound module sampler or diy system

it meant 2 cpu diperent system:

1.cpu as realtime midi autoacompaniment software :slight_smile:

2 cpu raspberry zynthian os

Are you hoping to run it all on one Raspberry Pi with the zynthian and 1manband?

One Man Band seems to be a extensive MIDI filter ( you turn local MIDI Off, so it takes MIDI data on MIDI IN and uses this as control/interface and puts out Arranged MIDI which the keyboard then plays.)

Kind of interested into how we would establish such devices in the zynthian framework. Would it be another engine type?.

yes right, it was my dream to make musical instrument instruments

can it be made into a single system to run it all on one Raspberry Pi with the zynthian and 1manband?

if using a one man band can be integrated with other zynthian systems such as v arranger that is different from the CPU because the OS system uses Windows

Depends how much work 1manband is doing really…

But you should be able to rig something up. . .
Build a zynthian and then load up onemanband on to it and use qjackctl and some jack midi commands to set up the connection from USB MIDI in port to onemanband and then from virtual onemanband MIDI out to zynthian MIDI in . . .

IT suggests as a demo running against fluidsynth in an reality that is pretty much all the zynth actually does ( if you are just running fluidsynth).
Life is very much easier to run raspberry pi programmes with zynthian because they all play nicely together ( jack really does this).
IF you are using windows then I would suggest you use qmidinet & the windows equivalent and connect over ethernet. You really wont get Windos programmes running comfortably on a Pi that has to deal with the complexity zynthian has to … Sorry.

But i should be able to rig something up. . .
Build a zynthian and then load up onemanband on to it and use qjackctl and some jack midi commands to set up the connection from USB MIDI in port to onemanband and then from virtual onemanband MIDI out to zynthian MIDI in . .cant you give me sample setting please ? .

As with building the zynth itself a lot of this sort of thing is down to local settings…

You will need to learn about 1manband and how it connects. Given it’s a purchased product then that will increase peoples unwillingness to do speculative work because on will not only have to put time and effort into the process but money too.
Perhaps if you email the individual responsible and ask him or indeed her, for details of how it presents it’s MIDI connections in the pi world then we will be able to connect it in an ad hoc fashion after you have started up the zynth… If you pay for it they will probably be a lot more willing to help . . .

so to patch a zynth to make this work once the zynth is running . . .

1/ putty shell command line prompt,
2/ start command for oneman band,
3/ qjackctl analysis and configuration to connect MIDI chain for jack as described above, and aconnect to learn what’s connected in the ALSA world. . . .

To make it so that it’s a permanent start up within the zynthian universe would probably require a fair bit more…
1/ Add enabling config to webconf MIDI interface page
2/ Add system variables to code base to control new facility
3/ modify stats saving routines to include new variables.
4/ construct systemd start up & restart script for one man band in response to system variables
5/ implement engine mechanism or possibly MIDI routing to allow switching away of MIDI in port to MIDI filter via onemanband ( midi OUT would probably be best left as zynth MIDI Out)
6/ Provide GUI, webconf (possibly) & status indication that the above process is activated.

The conceptual decision of how such a device gets bolted sensibly into the zynth is the real issue here, and I tend to defer to higher authorities in these cases, but if you do do the first part and submit a pull request for the changes (in an ideal world) then there is something to work with.

Probably the most relevant word in your post is ‘give’. If there is money involved ( and with onemanband there really should be, the guy has done the work), one perhaps should earn assistance.
I feel that you will help us and yourself most if you learn to use qjackctl to examine the MIDI connections and routing of a zynth with onemanband connected. That will provide far more comprehension than you and me bouncing configuration files around between two probably differently configured zynth’s
It’s not that we are unwilling to help, it’s that we all have limited time to allocate to issues and surprisingly, we also, probably, have our own personal little additions we are pushing for.
Without seeing how much load the actual onemanband adds to the system ( it could be a whirling dervish pager hammering away at the cpu every available clock tick…), it’s difficult to know if the actual process will work, but If I was asked to speculate I would say probably…

But do try … I’m sure we’ve already walked that path :smiley:
Hope this translates cleanly…

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this my video demo zynthian with diy arduino midi keyboard controller and mini pc windows os and varranger2