New soundcard DACBERRY ONE

Hi @jofemodo and Zynthiandicts,

I’ve found a new card (I think nobody has mentioned yet) which is promising.

@jofemodo I think the guys of this project will be introducing it at Barcelona very soon. I know that you follow very closely the launch of new rbpi stuffs …but just in case.

Regards, Jose

Hi @smespresati!

Thanks for publishing the info.

Ferran Fábregas is a member of Made BCN, the maker space where “Zynthian Lab” is. He invited to me to take part in the RaspBerry Jam (the event where DACBerry will be presented) and present Zynthian’s project. The problem is that i will be out of Barcelona this weekend. What a pitty!! ;-(

Anyway, the DACBerry soundcard is very interesting. I will try to get one and test it with Zynthian :wink:

Kind Regards!