New to zynthian but i need some help with a basic setup


I don’t understand the wiring thing you mean, the tft I have is made for the raspberry pi

it should be plug and play out the box

ive installed the tft on the top of the raspberry and I wanted to test it, to see if I get anything other then the Linux/debian/rasbian loading screen that I get on the hdmi monitor I have

I will check a bit more


well well well

I got webconf working and choise waveshare 32b… screen works, im happy guys


Yes guys it’s working on the screen

I get the zynthian start screen but error

I’ll work more on this tomorrow when my eyes are not ruined

Time to solder the wires and add the dac

Thanks guys


You need to wire the zynthian physically like described her

Ive tried so much to get it working

is there anyway I can use my touchscreen on the waveshape tft

and the 3 buttons there on the lcd


OK small step but I’m getting there

My waveshaper 3.2 clone works but I get error
I tried the USB sound card and get error

I tried hifiberry with my hdmi monitor… Get error

I’ve not it any wiring… I’ve got it on custom and everything I blanked out so it does the use any wiring I suppose…

The hdmi got pasted the error screen when I had the hifiberry in… But then again I could not control it… Is there a mouse option or keyboard option

Webconf is working


You should use “dummies” wiring :wink:
What model of HifiBerry are you using?



No, he has to use the wiring I described in the link. (PICTURE!)
And this means the webconf setting and the actual physical wiring


hifiberry dac+ HW 2.6

ok ill have to find some encoders and wire them up

thanks guys,starting but slowly getting happier and happier


While not having encoders, any wiring is needed and “Dummies” option should be used.
Of course, when @christianforshaw connect the encoders, the wiring described in the link is the way to go :wink:



good afternoon ! I installed the image gorgona_edge only with rp3 and hdmi started normal plus the mause does not appreciate why?


problem solved (I’ve updated), now I’m not going into ui mode