New to Zynthian: questions to go


I am new and very interested in this project, however few dubs before entering this world

  1. That is the first and MOST IMPORTANT:
    I ve been on HW instead of DAWs for being pissed off by midi jitter and latency, for what i know Zynthian is capable of running at 10ms latency… any chance to improve his hw/sw to let it runs at around 3-5ms ? How (can DAC runs at 32.5kHz with 128samples buffer )?
  2. I really appreciate its tiny size but look for a more tweakble interface … how to get the availability of more encoders and buttons without the effort to develop bymyself the integration of a suitable controller ?
  3. I wish to get an audiofire souncard with audio in, It is a plug and play (or dummy prof) operation ?
  4. How much i have to beg around to be able to load inside an instance of lovely amazing mighty tal uno62 ?
    thank you anybody for suggestions


I can’t answer the other questions but TAL U-NO-LX, or TAL UNO62 will not work on a raspberry pi. It’s only available in precompiled form for Intel Processors. In order to make it work TAL must either provide a pre-compiled version for raspberry pi, or allow complete freedom to access and modify the source code.

Not only would they need to be recompiled for Raspberry Pi, they would also have to be re-factored to a different plug-in format as Zynthian cannot load VST format plugins at this time.

So, lots and lots of begging, like, a lifetimes worth.


There have been various efforts along these lines so as you can see it has and can be done…

But there’s lots and lots to do. The basic 4 knob device is still evolving and obvious the core development is based around the zynthian kits as this the basic structure around which everything else evolves. (Just look at the debate that grows around a Sustain Pedal :smiley: )

It’s like a lot of things, the more effort and justified opinion goes in the more stuff comes out, so do investigate the possibility of investigating yourself as that way you will be able to refine your own requirements. I’ve often found that without that element of responsibility from the requester it’s very easy for them just to let imagination run wild and increase demands till everything just becomes unreasonable and nothing gets finished.
If you can define your own requirements then we get a User Story that is easy to mix into the overall demands. But certainly examine the link above and see how it matches your ideas and expectations.


That’s the joy of Continuous Integration . . .

We seem to be able to get most Pi based audio cards to work and once the initial work is done it then just needs adding into the webconf page.
Quite how one would interface Pi’s to firewire I’m not sure. A little investigation
Firewire Pi… All I could find


I hadn’t seen that project. I’m keenly interested in such a thing as well. I’d like to use OSC direct from zyn so that each knob will know what parameter it is adjusting and the bounds and all that. I doubt I’ll ever actually get to implementing it though :frowning: