New UI Main menu: 1 step backward & 2 steps forward

Hi @zynthianers!

After adding the App menu, i’ve been rethinking about the UI, specially regarding the suggestion of adding a Main menu … and finally i’ve decided to remove the App menu and add a new Main menu. BTW, I’ve tried to improve the workflow a little bit, but keeping all the essence you already know, without adding extra steps for most of tasks while simplifying when possible. I’m quite satisfied and hope everybody will be too :wink:

These are the elements for Main menu:


Now i’m updating the Wiki’s User Guide and workflow diagrams ASAP:

Until the docs are updated, these are the important changes on the workflow:

  • The Main menu is part of the “Main Screen Sequence”, between Admin and Layers.
  • You can access Main menu with Bold-Back from “almost” anywhere.
  • Bold-back from the Main or Admin menus will take you to the control screen.
  • Long-Snapshot will open the Audio Recorder. Click Snapshot again for rotating between Audio and MIDI recorders.

Ahhh! BTW, i improved list navigation by using “acceleration” when list is long (>96 elements)

Update & Enjoy!


very cool !!!
you read minds…:upside_down_face: :nerd_face:

Aaahh. That good!

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It seems that from main menu, “Short Snapshot” opens audio recorder as well as “long snapshot” whereas “bold snapshot” opens snapshot menu.

Is it as intended ?

I like having the home menu as a landing place. It does feel more intuitive but… may I suggest that the back button not go to admin menu? This was the old behaviour and persists but now we have a dedicated Admin entry in the main / home menu it feels even less intuitive. It is nice to hit “BACK” as many times as you want and end up in a known place. I have always found it a bit irritating that back toggles between home / admin pages.


It would be nice if after loading the snapshot a list of layers used was shown …

Yes, I need the bold snapshot to open the load Snapshot view. I have screenless device and I can load snapshots with three CUIAs

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Sure, I tend to agree that this button should give access to snapshot.

My question was more: why do we have “snapshot” in the middle between two “recorder” ?
(short->recorder; bold->snapshot; long->recorder again).

And why not something like: short affected to snapsot and long to recorder ?

Nice feature anyway :slight_smile:

More or less … i dind’t find a better function for this and didn’t want to leave it empty.

The back button in zynthian is not a “strict” back … if not when you select a layer from the list and enter control screen, pushing back should take you to layer list again … instead to do preset. If press back again, you go to banks. In fact, i zynthian the back button takes you to the screen preceding the current in the “Main Sequence”. And the “Main Sequence” is:

Admin -> Main -> Layers -> Bank -> Preset -> Control

Of course i could remove Admin from the Main Sequence, but then, when you are in Main, what action would you like to associate with “back”?

When loading the snapshot, the active layer when it was saved is restored and shown
Anyway, if enough people thinks it’s better to show the layer list, i have no problem to change. In fact i remember having thought about this in the past, when implementing the snapshots :wink:


In fact, this button should be called Learn/Snapshot (take a look to latest official alucases). “Learn” is first, as it’s used in the control screen.

Anyway, it has a fixed (non-contextual) function assigned to the bold action: Load snapshot

But … OK … i don’t like the Learn/Snapshot assignment for short action from Main menu. So please, give me a better option. I couldn’t find it … :yum:


I suggest having nothing assigned to BACK button from Main screen. This would give an anchor point giving the user s sense of home. It feels more intuitive to me than a continuous journey back and back and…


OK, Learn / Snapshot… I got it now ! :smile:

short -> Snapshot (main menu) / Learn (control screen)
Bold -> Snapshot (non contextual)
Long -> Record (non contextual)

But OK, it’s more a matter of choosing one option or another.

I think as @riban says, having nothing on the back button when in Main - you’re at the top menu so there is nothing to go back to.

I don’t get it - what do you mean?

I simply thought it would be useful to examine the current documentation in light of the discussion. It wasn’t a reply… :-D.

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OK @guys!

After thinking deeply about all this, i have a proposal and i hope you like it. I tried to find the best balance between coherence, usability and speed:

With no layers created:

  • From Main menu, short-back action does nothing
  • From Main and Layer, short-learn action opens “Load Snapshot”

When some layer has been created:

  • From Main menu, short-back action jumps to control screen.
  • From Main and Layer, short-learn action opens “ZS3 learn” screen

I have thought about use-cases.

Regarding the back switch, most of times you access the main menu is from control screen, using “bold-back”. Coming back to control with short-back improves usability and user experience. Also, it has a logical sense: back performs a step-back in the main sequence and when reaching step 0, it jumps to the last step. It’s a cycle. Bold-back does the same, so you never fail. You can see back actions like that:

  • Short-back goes 1 step-back in the main sequence. When reaching the first step (main), jumps to the last one (control). It’s a back-cycle.

  • Bold-back:

    • From any place (most of times, from control) , jumps to First Step of Main sequence (main)
    • From First Step of Main sequence (main), goes to last one (control)

It’s almost symmetrical :heart_eyes:

Regarding the short-learn action, i’ve tried to perform the most logical action regarding the context:

  • If no layers, Load Snapshot.
  • If some layer:
    • From Main & Layers: Open ZS3-learn modal. It has sense and I would like to push people to use this feature that other way, it’s quite hidden.
    • From Banks & Presets: Toggle Favorites view
    • From Control: CC MIDI-learn

Also, when convenient, short-learn is used to rotate some modals:

  • Load Snapshot <=> Save Snapshot
  • Audio Recorder <=> MIDI Recorder
  • From Control Screen: CC MIDI-learn <=> ZS3-learn

You can update, test and send your feedback :wink:


Works really well in terms of the menu flow.

Open ZS3 - have never seen that before, so will have to investigate what that is.

I cant work out how to save a snapshot.
I’m in a layer, bold click (snapshot) to the snapshot menu…how do I change it to Save?

Whats ‘Learn’ is that a new name for the Snapshot controller?