New user, interested in buying/working on a Zynthian but I have a few questions

Hey folks!
I just finally managed to make an account here (looks like there were some issues in the past couple of weeks? I didn’t get any activation emails until now and I signed up some time ago).

I have a couple of questions/remarks before I decide to buy a Zynthian board, and hopefully I can get some answers.
First off, I absolutely love the project and I’m a huge supporter of this idea, even moreso that it’s open source/hardware too, so huge kudos for that!

I was looking to buy the Bundle all kit V3 since I am not comfortable with soldering and I am more of a software person (and I just want to jam), however I noticed that the shop part of the site does not provide a secure connection (https) to connect to. This is a problem especially when handling monetary exchanges.

That aside, I live in Japan and I was wondering if that might be a problem in shipping/obtaining the device. What would you say?


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Hi Morg! Welcome to zynthian forum!

The server has some problems lately, but i’m working to solve them ASAP. A new and more powerful root server and some improvements in architecture, configuration (and crontasks!!) should be enough.

Regarding the lack of https in the current shopping, you are “more or less” right and i hope this will be solved very soon too. Anyway, until now, we had not problems with that. FYI, all the payment is done via Paypal servers or bank transfer, so the only potential problem is that some “man in the middle” could sniff personal data like email addresses, names, etc.

Anyway, this will be solved very soon :wink:

Finally, no problem shipping to Japan. We have already sent several kits there and AFAIK, the packages arrived without problems.