New videos

Hi there, my name is Seb,
I’m going to record a series of videos about zynthian
come and check them out on my Youtube channel, here is the first one:

tell me what you think,
be cool I am a noob :wink:

my plan is to create the following:

  1. unbox [x] done
  2. build
  3. install zynthianos
  4. follow userguide and show the synth features
  5. build a song
  6. reach 10 billon views



Hi @parallax68 !

Good work! I really like the video!! It’s just was i have in my mind from long time ago, so go forward with the rest of the serie, please :wink:

Only a little detail: could you add to the tittle the Kit version? Something like:

“Zynthian Open Synth Platform, Official Kit V3 - Part 1 - Unboxing”

I think it would help people to identify more precisely the video content. This will be important if we generate many more videos in the future …

Thanks a lot!!


Ahhh! Of course, i will be very pleased of help you with the video preparation, so don’t hesitate to ask me what you want …

Hi @jofemodo,
thank you for your feed back,
video title changed,
I’m recording the build today

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Thank you @jofemodo,
for the build I have no question,

I think I’ll keep the same structure for the next video:

  1. logo
  2. hello world
  3. video body, kinda time lapse, with some blabla maybe (I’m not so good speaker when not drunk lol)
  4. next video hook
  5. bye world
  6. logo

maybe you could say to me what we can put as links under the video to help people navbigate to forum shop and so on ?


Hi Seb. You didn’t describe the screen and case. Maybe add a comment to the video or edit and add that. If someone watching the video wants to know what each part is they may be disappointed if some parts are not covered

you’re right, I missed to manipulate and talk about it, now my zynthian is assembled and I don’t have any footage that shows that with the sound, what if I do the comment thing and add the bill of materials there is on the wiki in the video comments ?

  • Zynthian Basic Kit v3 (4 x controller v3 + zynaptic circuit + ribbon bus cable)
  • ZynScreen v1.4 (3.5" touch-display + controller driver)
  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • HifiBerry DAC+ADC souncard
  • Case kit v3, including nuts, bolts and connectors

New New video ! The Building:

hope you like it


I like the knobs in the corners :slight_smile:

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I really need to set my white balance manually…

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thanks, there are markers for me to know on / off screen :wink:

Yeah, I figured when you replaced them with stickers

Hi Seb!

You are great, compay! Your second video is really good.
And it will be very very helpful for promoting Zynthian and growing the community. For sure!! :wink: I already embbeded the videdos in all media:

  • Shop
  • Blog
  • Wiki
  • Web

I really like that you followed the tutorial, so it can be a perfect complement for people assembling the Zynthian Kit. And you included some useful tricks that are not explained in the Wiki, like using tape for fixing the bolts when mounting the display! Niceeeee!! :wink:

I really appreciate your contribution and will do my best for improving the platform and making you (and other Zynthian Users) as happy as i can.

Kind Regards,

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Thank you all for your warm support,

I am preparing the next video and I just scratch the surface of the project as a user point of view and already see that there is really a lot in the box, there is so much sounds that I’ll stick to the quickstart tutorials for now otherwise it is going to be an everlasting video of me playing every single sound haha

It is also fun to do and share with my childrens because now I am like half a god for them because I post on youtube lol :wink:



i’m also looking forward do make a video with Arturia Beatstep and Zynthian :crazy_face:

Can you send me the logo clip?


Ohh! I would love to see such a video!!
Here comes the clip:

Logo_Zynthian_Animation1.m4v (50.1 KB)

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Hello everyone,

a new video on my channel, Part 3 - First Steps

enjoy ; -)



Thank you Seb for your effort making this video. It’s really helpful.

Hi @parallax68!!

What a surprise! I didn’t noticed your third video, man!! Congratulations and thanks a lot … really!
Your videos are a huge contribution to the project. You can be sure of that, my friend.

BTW, did you know that you can “jump” directly to the layer list by pressing the “layer” button? :wink:


Hi @jofemodo, thank you very much,

also for the layer button I had to wank the cable a bit then now it works great haha that’s why I did not use it at all in the vids for now

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