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Ohh! I would love to see such a video!!
Here comes the clip:

Logo_Zynthian_Animation1.m4v (50.1 KB)

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Hello everyone,

a new video on my channel, Part 3 - First Steps

enjoy ; -)



Thank you Seb for your effort making this video. It’s really helpful.

Hi @parallax68!!

What a surprise! I didn’t noticed your third video, man!! Congratulations and thanks a lot … really!
Your videos are a huge contribution to the project. You can be sure of that, my friend.

BTW, did you know that you can “jump” directly to the layer list by pressing the “layer” button? :wink:


Hi @jofemodo, thank you very much,

also for the layer button I had to wank the cable a bit then now it works great haha that’s why I did not use it at all in the vids for now

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OK! I supposed something like that … :wink:

@jofemodo can you check my last vid, someone asking questions I’m not able to answer yet :wink:

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Short sound demo

Recorded with Ableton. no effects and no mastering
only Zynthian sound :stuck_out_tongue:

Stuck in the video process. Making a good video is harder than expected :relaxed:


moreover if .en is not your main language

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I know exactly what you mean…

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Added to the wiki:

Thanks for sharing!!

Thanks @parallax68!
I already answered the questions :wink:

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Hi everyone, a new video on my channel, Part 4 - Midi

enjoy :wink:



Whoaooo @parallax68! You are my hero, man!! :star_struck::star_struck:

I just added it to the wiki:

Some remarks:

  • Regarding the first subject on the video: Single/Multi Channel Mode, I would like to add that single-channel mode is intended for on-stage keyboard players having a single keyboard connected to zynthian, while multi-channel mode is required when you want to play several channels at-once: having several keyboards connected to zynthian, using multi-channel sequencers, etc.

  • Regarding the CC-unlearning: You are right. There is no way of CC-unlearn using the knobs. Currently that’s only possible using the touch interface. If anybody imagine a knob-way of implementing this, i would like to do it … :wink:

  • Finally, regarding the program-change learning, i would like to add that it’s very useful too for changing between layers when having several layers on single-channel mode. Depending of your needs, you could use a single snapshot for a full performance with several songs. I mean, if you are using only a few instruments (let’s say, grand piano, rhodes, clavinet and hammond) in your concert, you can create all the needed layers and learn one program for every song or change. After, on stage, you simply change sequentially the program as your performance is going on: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, …

Thanks a lot for your videos!!! Really!!!

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The Youtube’s Zynthian channel has been updated a little bit too:



Hi @jofemodo, thank you for the comments :wink:

if that make sense we can put your remarks under the midi video itself, that way the viewers can read them, what do you think ?


It’s done!

Thanks again!

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Nice video @parallax68. I found the background music distracting - I don’t think it is required. Keep up the good work.

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thanks @riban, I’ll try to edit and filter the highs, I want to keep something in background, otherwise I feel it becomes so boring :wink:

I’ve been enjoying the videos. Even though I’ve been playing with Zynthian for a while (too long??), I learnt a couple of things from the 3rd video. You can teach an old dog new tricks!